Stinson Park AO | 28 degrees and calm

PAX: Stitches, Sandy Cheeks, Poloroid, Rocket, Caruso, Woody, Snow man, Hat Trick, Space Bar, Black Jack, Good Lookin, Animal.

Q: Bloodshot

YHC welcomed the PAX and stated the mission, core principles, credo, and disclaimer before heading to the obelisk for warmarama.


SSH x20

Windmills x 12

High knees x12

Sun gods x10x2

Buttkicks x 12

Tappy taps x 12

Mountain Climbers x 12

Pre thang

PAX became familiar with the course by doing gassers followed by 10 merkins and another set of gassers.


Coupon Exercise AMRAP while partner runs gasser. Move to next exercise after run.

Traveling Merkins

Goblet Squats


Kettlebell swing

Big Boys


Shoulder press

Carolina Dry Docks

• rinse and repeat

YHC called Omaha at 6:05 for 6Mom

Flutter kicks x 15

Heels to heaven x 15

E2K x10x2

IG model hip touches x15

Rancid Hammers


Sometimes a chance to Q just sneaks up and there’s nothing new going on personally to speak about. So you do a search for notable events in history…notable events in sports history…notable events in pop culture…nothing notable.

So now there are multiple “national _ days”. I found 3:

National send a card to a friend day.

National fettuccini Alfredo day.

National Periodic table day.

I honestly though I’d find something interesting about the Periodic table but was let down. Fettuccini Alfredo day I’ll go ahead and celebrate later.

I was out of the gloom last week sick and I felt like I missed out on VQs and the typical F3 week. It made me think about the perspective of 1 week out being a drop in a bucket compared to 3 years. Further, it was a humble reminder that three years are nothing compared to eternity. The reflection on the eternal was what I needed after last week. YHC thanked the PAX for the reminder. SYITG-bloodshot

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