4/17/2019 | Heavy Metal AO | Bradford Bowl Stinson Park

PAX:  Safe Ride, Picabo, Folsom, Polaroid, Trademark, Captain Kangaroo in from Raleigh, and Cyclone

Q: Cyclone

Weather: Beautiful 65

Cyclone welcomed the PAX, special call out to Captain Kangaroo, Disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA: SSH – Sun Gods – Chinooks – Don Quixotes – Air Squats – Burbee x1 (first, last and only Burpee at a Cyclone Q)

Thang – Brazilian is wrong Hair Metal rocks – Shout out to Picabo as he seemed to jam on the Hair Metal, perhaps he’s compensating

Cheerleaders (picabo named) – side lunge , up one arm out forward, one arm out to side x 10 each side

The Ali – 4 Military, 4 Punches, 4 Squats x 10

The Bouncer Beat Down – Lunge hammer curl, up regular curl x 10 each leg

Drum Solo – 4 fast baby tri curls, 4 slow full tri curls x 9 (one short for Rick Allen)

Disgruntled Teenager – 4 calf raises, 4 wrist curls, 4 shoulder shrugs x 10

Groupie on the Bus – On six, Ass up 4 bench, 4 crunch, 4 fly x 9 (ugly groupie didn’t get any)

F*n Snow blower Won’t Start (bye Winter) – 4 bent rows, 4 upright rows x 10

Curls, Curls, Curls – Alternating lunge curls, one leg pivot x 10 each leg

Dying Cyclone – Not in Cadence Folsom, not ever, plank, reach and touch dumbbell x20 total

Thang Bonus – Accompanied by Accept’s “Balls to the Wall” an almost 6 minute song

20 Merkins-20 Dry Docks-10 Squats, 30 Seconds Balls2Wall on chorus, 20 Diamonds, 20 Squats, 30 Seconds Ball2Wall on Chorus, Al Gore, 1 minute Balls2Wall during chant, Al Gore, 30 Seconds Balls2Wall (combination of mumble chatter about Cyclone is crazy and loud shouts along with the chorus)

MOM – Believe we made it 4 rounds of 10 Hammer before Q collapsed

COT: Cyclone was reading about Albert Einstein, a man he’s always admired for his combination of brilliance, humility and humor. A quote by AE resonated: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain balance you have to keep moving forward”. Keep your balance and keep moving forward, don’t be embarrassed if you need training wheels, lean on those around you if you wobble but keep going.

AYE! – Cyclone

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