Pax: Folsom, Spacebar, Woody, Bloodshot, Sandy Cheeks, Predator, Doll Face, Bunsen, Hipster

Q: Snowman & Caruso

Warm O’ Rama:  (15x) SSH (IC), (15x) tappy taps (IC), (12x) big ones (IC), (15x) Michael Phelps (IC)

Mosey to the stairs by Interrail for the pre thang

Pre Thang: (30x) Johnny Dramas – (30x) Squats – (30x) Johnny Dramas and then returned to the shovel flags

The Thang:  2-man grinder from playground to benches

AMRAP Station:


Arnold Press

Hammer Curls

Upright Rows

Chest Press


Bench (Push) Station

Alternate between

(20x) Dips

(20x) Derkins

Once OMAHA was called the PAX mustered at the playground and conducted Mary:

(15x) Low Dollys

(15x) WWI Situps

(15x) Freddy Mercury’s

(11x) Rancid Hammers (IC).

Post Thang:

Downward dog, Runners pose (Each), Crescent stretch (Each), Pigeon stretch (Each), and Butterfly stretch.

COT: Caruso conducted the COT based on the article “How to Find What Inspires you in Life” by Kimberly Drake. It is based on 8 things that help find inspiration:

Changing Things Up

Journaling Your Ideas

Immersing Yourself in Nature

Remembering Who You Are

Working on Your Self-Esteem

Asking Yourself “What would I do if fear wasn’t a factor?”

Surrounding Yourself with Inspiring People

Eliminating the Pressure to be Inspired

At F3 we constantly surround ourselves with HIM, and these steps align with our overall mission and desire to be better.

Snowman & Caruso– Out

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