Date: March 2nd, 2023

PAX: 16 – Dollface (Respect), Sandy Cheeks, Caruso (Respect *2), Gasman (Respect *2), Woody (Respect) , Golden Pike, Snowman, ICB, Demagorgan, Ditty, Folsom, Spacebar, Short Circuit, Pig Pen, Danielson, Amadeus

FNGs: None

Q: Amadeus

At 5:30 I welcomed everyone to F3 Omaha and most importantly Heavy Metal  – Omaha’s Strongest AO.  For the second Q in a row I struggled with the 5 core principles but with a little help from the team I got through them (thank you all!!)

5 Core Principles

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Always held outside
  4. Led in a rotating fashion
  5. Ends in a Circle of trust

Covered the Credo – Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him, the Mission Statement – To plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, and of course the Disclaimer – I am not a professional so please modify as necessary. 

Before we got started with Warm-O-Rama I let them know we were going to do another KISS beatdown in honor of the previous week.  But this week it would be a little different K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid – Once we finished Warm-O we would split into two groups each group would head to a station do one workout on the list in order and run to the other station – repeat as necessary moving down the workouts until OMAHA! Was called.

Warm-O-Rama – I had ICB help me start while I got the music

Forward Sun Gods IC 10

Reverse Sun Gods IC 10

Cherry Pickers IC 15

Big Ones – IC 15

Tappy Taps – IC 20

Side Straddle Hops – IC 20


Station 1 –

Arnold Press – 20

Shoulder Press – 20

Curls – 10 Each Arm

Johnny Dramas (weighted) – 15 IC

Shoulder Shrugs – 15 IC

Merkins – 15

Station 2 –

Bent Over Row – 20

Squats – 20

Weighted Big Boys – 20

Chest Fly (on your 6) – 15

Front Lunge – 10 (each Leg)

Weighted Burpees – 10

Tricep Extension 15


Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

Sarpy Slammers –


Name O Rama: – See PAX or Video for the list!

Announcements – Brickway Event Friday 7 pm, ICB at the Bell Tower Friday (there will be running)

Prayers: Prayers for Ditty as he continues to work on his mental health


So as I was getting ready and reflecting on today’s COT I started with one of my favorite quotes from a song.

“Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief, all kill for inspiration and then sing about their grief”

This led me to the idea of covers – this was the soundtrack for the beatdown. And I thought how about “cover” a COT – see way back in October G String was going through his COT. One of the things he discussed was his son and a simple statement – 

YET – is the most powerful word in the English language.

When he said this it clicked – I know many people have boards etc they put stuff on; this one went on my board at work. 

Yet the most powerful word

We haven’t don’t it …. Yet

We aren’t there ….. yet

I’m not strong enough …. Yet

I don’t get it …. Yet

I’m not fast enough …. Yet (ok some of us will never be super fast)

But today – as you go through your day make “yet” your why… if we change our perspective it helps us achieve our goals… maybe we just haven’t got there yet!

Prayer to Finish –

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Heavy Metal

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