F3 Danger Zone Aug. 9 Q: FUN DIP  

PAC’s 17 FNG’s 1

1 Opening – 

3 F’s

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

Plant grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership

RUN DOWN TO THE Middle of the Football Field

Warm up:  10 Big 1’s IC, 10 Moroccan night clubs, 10  Side straddle hops 

2 Pre thing – Lung Walk

Everyone start on the goal line 

Lung walk for 100 yards, when you get to the end plank to the 6.

3 The Thing: –  2 teams 

Race in a line and go up and down each flight of stairs – Finish in the middle for 5 Kraken Burpees

  1. 1 legged wheel borrow push ups W/ Partner
    1. Hard mode 25 each leg
    2. Medium mode 15 each leg
    3. Modified 5-10 each leg
  2. Second race:  when done everyone does  5 Kraken Burpees 

4 FUN Time: 2 teams

Start at one goal line, alternate throwers down the field when the ball or frisbee stops perform and AB exercise for 20 reps.  Goal is to throw it through the uprights on one side and come back and do it on the other to finish.  Plank to the 6.

Second time around we are doing 20 reps of different kind of Merkins.


Back to the Center of the field for name-o-rama

  • Marry ( Volkswagons, homer and marg, WWI with a butt kick, sarpy Slamers)


I’m not interested i’m obsessed from the Wrestling Coach at the  University of Northern Iowa.

Interested is a hobby

Obsessed comes off as a bad word but people also call it passion.

*Obsessed people give interested people something to talk about.  Interested people that watch obsessed people change the world.

BE OBSESSED with helping your kids, be present with your “M”, Find your passion and be Obsessed..

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