Cornhusker handicap Q 8/29 – Greenhouse

F3- fitness fellowship and faith

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership.

5 principles

  • free of charge 
  • open to all men
  • always outside
  • led in a rotating fashion,
  • End with a Circle of Trust.

No FNG’s but one downrange from Raleigh (Gilmore), 14 PAX Total

Mosey across along creek with some lunges to get warmed up

Warm a Rama at turf/bar area then followed by:

Steinel – maktar, pushups, bird dogs, Nolan Ryan’s, push ups, touch toes,

Leg Steinel – air squat, taps, lunges, sumo squat, tempo squats

Ab Steinel – 6″ hold, flutters, low dollys, heels to heaven, cockroaches, LBCs

Mosey back to the monument – groups of 3 or 4 one runs lap around pavement track while others do:

-derkins – 20

-step ups – 20

-dips – 20

-flutter kicks – 20

Circle of Mary – 7-8 exercises as called by PAX

COT: Square squad

In a small sticky note, who are the people you trust and whose opinions matter? One thing that stuck with me in this exercise was whether you sacrifice or steamroll them to get the approval of others? This hit home with me, and I don’t like it. Suggest you do this; it matters. And F3 helps in this regard too!

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