The Brickyard Shovel Flag Pass 4/28

Lots of activity around Stinson Park this morning!  Pre-Runners, Ruckers, Chernobyl doing crazy things.   Excitement was in the air !

50 degree Temps and cloudy 

INTO: welcome to F3—Fitness, Fellowship Faith.  We have 5 Core Principles:  FREE, open to all men, always held outside, let in a rotating fashion, and end in a circle of trust.   Mission Statement: To plant, grow, and serve small workouts for the Re-invigoration of male community leadership!  

Q Today: Vanilla ICE, Huffy, Bobsled.

Huffy will take Warm- A -Rama.!  Everyone grabbed their coupons and we went three blocks north and set them down on the corner of the HDR building.  We then proceeded to run west, then north, and east and ended up in the green artificial turf space for Warm A Rama:

Exercises Included:  Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walkers, Big Ones.

We concluded Warm-A-Rama, grabbed our coupons and headed to the Sand Volley Ball Courts for Bobsled’s 7 minutes of fun!  All of us lined up on the sides of the sand Volleyball Courts.  To begin, we did 5 Blockee’s.  We then Murder Bunnied across the sand.  On the other side, we did 5 Thrusters. Murder Bunny back, R&R !  After the 7 minute timer, we grabbed the coupons and headed back to Stinson Park.

Upon everyone’s arrival (which took a while) we did a similar exercise to Bobsleds, but more spaced out and on grass. First to step was to line up across the sidewalk and everyone rifle-carry their coupons to the middle of the grass and walk back to sidewalk.  When music started “NARCO” blasting from speaker….you did 5 AIR SQUATS and ran to your coupon and did 5 Murder Bunnies.  Leave the coupon, keep going to opposite sidewalk for 5 MERKINS.  Run back to your coupon, Murder Bunny, R&R!  We did this until 6:05 before OMAHA! Was called……

We ended up with 55 at this FLAG pass which was a great number!  We got into a big circle near the playground equipment and did RANCID style American Hammers (with or without COUPON Your choice!)  ONCE that was finished, NAME-O-RAMA and Announcements—Brickbuilder upcoming and a few other minor announcements. No Prayers.

Vanilla Ice to  Bobsled—What are great HIM Bobsled is.  Brickyard is tough, it isn’t for everyone, and Bobsled just came out here and accelerated every time!  Couldn’t think of a better person to take over this site!  Vanilla Ice gave Bobsled Compression braces for knees because he’s been limping around like an old man the past month!  HUGS all around. 

COT—Bobsled.  Grateful for the opportunity and happy to lead this great site into the future.  He busted out the SWOLE chain too!  Prayer by Frosty.


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