Stinson Park AO | 5 degrees windy

PAX: Vanilla Ice, Snowman, Woody, Bovine, Stella, Caruso, Folsom.

Q: Bloodshot

YHC welcomed the PAX and stated the mission, core principles, credo, and disclaimer before circling up for warmarama.


SSH x20

Windmills x12

High knees x12

Sungods x10x2

Buttkicks x12

Tappy taps x12

Mountain Climbers x12


11s: mountain climbers and merkins across width of parking garage.


3man grinder (2groups)

AMRAP exercises on 3rd floor


Goblet squats

Shoulder press

Chest Press


AMRAP exercises on 4th floor


Bent over rows

Kettlebell swing

Tricep extension

Step ups

Push group run between floors

Omaha was called at 6:05 with groups finishing four sets.


Dying cockroaches x 15


Flutter kicks




Thanks for posting men. I’ll keep this short. I INVITE YOU TO NOT TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY TODAY.

You might have jobs to do and decisions but unless you are fighting to save a life or your own…technically nothing today is life or death.

If you’ve been consistent and disciplined more times than not, then whatever it is, it can wait. Whoever will understand. You deserve a break. We deserve a break after multiple -10deg wind chill stretches this winter.

So grab lunch with someone. Smile.

It’s Friday. It’s cold. We’re slinging coupons. Keep the momentum you’ve started for yourself today.

You did some hard things in an unforgiving environment. Give yourself a break — from yourself every once in a while.


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