Backblast 9.12.18

AO: The Maize 

time: 0530

Weather: 77° 85% humidity, Storms all around

PAX: Wait Time, Mufasa, Barn Door, Lemon Law, Jean Claude, Tonight Show, Hard Hat, Sasquash, Crocs, Thor, Sully (FNG)

Q: Roll Bar

It the dark and stormy morning Rollbar awaited the PAX, wondering if the surrounding lightning had frightened the PAX back into the fartsack, but slowly a group of a dozen brave men emerged from the dark to join YHC in the gloom. After Rollbar introduced himself to the gathering PAX and shared the mission and creed of F3 with his brothers, he led off a short mosey to the south end of the football field to get warmed up.


Side Straddle Hop x20ic

Tappy Taps x10ic

Tater Taps x10ic

Cherry Pickers x20ic


Rollbar told the PAX that they were going to try something new for a Pre-Thang, he called it “Walk The Plank”, all PAX line up head to toe in a plank position, and the man at the back of the line Lunge walks (knee to the ground, per Iron PAX specs) to the front of the line, repeat as needed to traverse the football field endzone to endzone.  By the time the PAX had reached the 50 yard line the mumble chatter had reached a crescendo, by the time they reach the Red Zone they were too gassed to chatter much more.  

The Thang:

BOMBS were dropped in a grinder style, the PAX paired off, one man did the prescribed exercise while his partner ran the length of the field and back to relieve him. 

B.O.M.B.S are:


Overhead claps


Big boy situps


6 Minutes of Mary

Sweat Angels x15ic (Rollbar’s favorite, and a regular at his Qs)

LBC x15ic

American Hammers x30ic, called by the Site Q, Hard Hat


  • Ponzi’s 2 Club Conundrum is coming up Saturday, a great opportunity for some 2nd F
  • Friday the 20th is F3 Omaha’s family night at Valla’s Pumpkin Patch, message Wait Time to RSVP by Friday to join in on the fun. Thanks to Crab Cakes for that opportunity! 
  • Saturday the 21st there will be 2.0 workouts available at both The Pit and the Oracle, always a fun time! 
  • Continued TAPs to our brother Waffle House as he works hard in rehab! We all with you brother! 
  • Rollbar’s family deals daily with kid with chronic illness, Rollbar knows several other families dealing with other diseases far more trying than T1D and asked the PAX to keep those kids and families in mind. 


Rollbar echoed Wait Times sentiments on Friday of gratitude for the PAX, you men lift me up in ways I’ve never experienced before in my life. I appreciate and love all of you for the way I see you pick each other up in small and big ways. Keep on pressing into the lives of the men around you, and keep on lifting each other up!

Be blessed,

Roll Bar


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