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Q: Sister Act

It was sprinkling rain as YHC set out 3 wienkes at 0515 – it continued to spit some all morning, but lightened up and wasn’t an issue. Due to the nature of of the workouts, we ideally needed a number of PAX easily divisible by 3. We had 16. Not bad. At 0530 the mission, principles, and disclaimer were given and we moseyed to the north end zone of the football field. 

WARMARAMA: Head to the N goal line of the field.

  • 9 Tappy Taps IC
  • 9 Impirial Walkers IC
  • 9 Copperhead Squats IC
  • 9 Tempo Merkins IC
  • 30 SSH – 10 regular, 10 half, 10 legs only

PRE-THANG: Three Amigos

  • In groups of 3, lean against each other, lock arms, and squat
  • Begin walking as a group – at 25 yards stop to do 3 3-man burpees
  • 3 burpees at 50, then back at 25, at goal
  • Make 2 trips, ending at N goal

So as a note, Three Amigos doesn’t work. But hey, gotta try, right? PAX instead swapped the 3-man squat walk with lunges, but did their burpees still as their group of 3. Mumblechatter was strong!

PRE-PRE-THANG: Catch Us If You Can

  • Groups of 3 on track
  • 2 PAX wheelbarrow on track, 3rd does 15 plank jacks

Another note – people hate wheelbarrows! Huh. Lots of modification on this one, which is totally great. Guys still found themselves pushed and out of breath from the movement.

THANG: Three man grinder on N goal, 50 yd line, S goal

  • N goal
    • 30 LBCs
    • 30 merkins
    • 30 air squats
  • 50 yd
    • AMRAP Bobby Hurleys
  • S goal
    • AMRAP Raise The Roofs
  • Run the sideline 100 yds back to N goal to repeat

A few observations: 1. Raise The Roofs start to hurt after doing them as long as we needed to – proof of a good exercise! 2. There was a football left on the field that YHC used to keep wienkes from blowing away. It didn’t take long for the ball to be punted repeatedly back and forth from station 2 to station 3. Boys will be boys. And it was fun. 3. Again, mumble chatter was fantastic at each of the stations. It was awesome seeing the relationships that these PAX have with each other. 

MARY: Growing Pains

  • 15 LBCs IC
  • 15 Supermans IC
  • Rancid Hammers to 30


PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – hate pop up here Monday, heartland hope assistance, blood drive on 20th, Impact retreat |Folsom fam vacation, Canadian Bacon neighbor Andy recovery, Tom Tom friend in Israel, Penny Marshall crazy work time


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always said this one thing to my kids when we’ve been hiking, climbing on rocks, or descending something steep – “THREE POINTS OF CONTACT!” When we secure ourselves with 3 pts of contact, we’re so much more stable. Tripods, stools, etc. Three points of contact keeps us upright! 

Might I submit to you that in relationships, having a 3rd point of contact is also crucial. You and your M might have a strong relationship, but in times of hardship, imagine if you had a 3rd point of contact to support that wonky situation. You might choose a counselor, close friend, or mentor to be that for you, but for me, I ask God to be that support.

He’s always been there to offer that last bit of stability – because he’s stronger than us in the first place!


Sister Act

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