The Catamount Complex Flag Pass

Date: October 3, 2023

PRE-PRE-RUN: More dudes than expected (Check Strava) The Missy Elliott was born on this day…thanks Schrute.

PRE-RUN: Tons of guys (Check Strava)

PAX (50): Korver, Cougar, Animal House, Black Tuesday, G-String, Tight Lip, Truck Stop, Skidz, Icy Hot, Arch, Baby Shark, Sweet Roll, Pit Stop, Rowdy, Bayside, Truly, Khakis (Respect), Busser, Longboard, Razzle Dazzle, Invictus, Squeaky Clean, Rayban, Uncle Jesse, Feeney, Girl Dad, Ladybug, Larry Legend, Blue Chip, Stranglehold, Levy, Parsecs, Knobs, Tator Tot, Gigablast, Schrute, Amadeus, Shingles, Cheap Seats, Slow Pitch, Fun Dip, Chernobyl, Lil House, ICB, Mapquest, Gunner (Respect), Simmons, Boss Hogg, Low Flow, Farva   

FNGs : None

AO: The Catamount Complex

Q: Farva (Beans) & Low Flow

Conditions: Partly Cloudy, 69 degrees F, Feels like 69 degrees F, Humidity 64%, Wind 10.8 mph from S.

At 5:15, YHC welcomed the PAX to the Catamount Complex and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warm-O-Rama: The PAX circled up around the flags and completed 1 side straddle hop. Tribute to my man Khakis (Respect). No time to warm up today, we got a lot to do!!

Pre-Thang: YHC connected the Bluetooth speaker to his phone and hit shuffle on a 90s rap playlist and we moseyed to the bottom of the hill named for our special gal Bernadette. Anyone who has visited the cat house will tell you that this hill is no joke. We numbered off into ones and twos. The ones would sprint the hill and perform 5 burpees together at the top. The twos would be completing the exercises on the list until the hill group returned and then the groups would swap positions. Each group was able to complete the list at least once and completed at least three trips up and down the hill. The exercise list was as follows:

(20) – Merkins , (20)- LBCs IC, (20)- Ranger Merkins, (20)- Big Boys, (20)- Werkins, (20)- Flutter Kicks IC, (20)- Diamond Merkins, (20)- Alt. Heel Touches IC, (20)- Alt. Shoulder Taps IC, (5)- Navy Seal Burpees

We all moseyed back to the flags and then to the football field for the Thang.


The PAX partnered up and headed for the cones in the west endzone. One partner would AMRAP the exercises listed on the sheet, while the other ran to the other endzone and completed 7 Chuck Norris T-Merkins before running back to switch. The list was as follows:

    M- Merkins

     A- Apolo Ohnos

     R- Rosalitas

     K- Kraken Burpees (3 hand release Merkins at the


     T- Tie Fighters (Arm circles while doing lunges,

                                Forward=right leg Backward=Left leg)

F   A- RVA beans (LBC’s while spinning clockwise and


     Y- Your choice (Anything upper body)

     L- Lt. Dans (Squat and then a lunge for each leg)

     O- Outlaws (Flutter kick style, but keep legs together

                          and trace the alphabet)

     R- Ranger Merkins (Merkin w/hands in line with ribs)

I tried to go out of my way to encourage every PAX that was present as I ran down the football field multiple times. All PAX made it through the list once and most were over 2 miles total. The magic 2-mile mark is something my mentor Swiper taught me to aim for. We all headed back to the flags around 5:51AM. Another tradition at the Catamount is to “Cat Crawl” up the grass hill that leads back to the flags. Many PAX joined in on this tradition, but we had a major incident involving Ray Ban. He was so focused an attacking the hill that he crawled head first into an elevated cement sewer. His “cat” like reflexes failed him on this morning and he sustained some nasty battle scars on his forehead and nose (check the Nameorama video for the battle wounds). Low Flow has decided that during his tenure that “cat crawling” is only allowed on the east side of the stairs.


50 Sarpy Slammers (Another Sarpy AO, Bellevue I think?)

Prayers and Announcements

Prayer request for Nugent’s friends and family.


I wanted to first thank Wait time, our leadership Tater Tot and Plague, and also our Sarpy leadership Jean Claude, Firewalker, and Knobs. I also wanted to thank a few guys that I have leaned on a lot this past year and they are Schrute, Animal House, Razzle Dazzle, Boss Hogg, and Low Flow. But also, all of our Sarpy Swagger group.

Catamount Complex…Gross high, home of the cougars, another name for a cougar is a Catamount, which literally means cat of the mountains. As men we all go through peaks and valleys with our fitness, our mental health, and our spiritual well-being. Complex…The definition of Complex is consisting of many different and connected parts. That definition describes F3 perfectly to me.

I was honored to be given the opportunity to launch and lead this site as a tribute to my friend and his son. I want their legacy to live on with this site and I know Low Flow will do that.

Speaking of Low Flow, I have so much respect for this guy and just the way he approaches life with his unique way of leading with humor, but also heartfelt praise. I still remember his VQ message that “Nobody had told me good job in years” and this group does this daily and endlessly and it feels good. I knew I had to lock him down as the next site Q early because of how well liked and infectious his attitude is in all of F3. He was also our most consistent poster and just is the perfect fit for what I believe the catamount represents.

I presented Low Flow with four gifts. A catamount F3 shirt because he claims to not own any F3 specific gear. A new personalized coupon from Huffy because he also claims to hate coupons. Two new bags of DUX ESTO bracelets to continue the weekly tradition. Finally, the catamount flag. The site is in good hands and I am proud of what has only just begun.

10,7 EOT…..From the Grossest AO in all of F3 Omaha Farva

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