Pax: Safe Ride, Convoy, Cutting Edge, Tenderfoot, Rosetta, Frosty, Wentworth, Q-Tip, Oompa, Bloodshot, Betamax, Black Lung, Naughty List, Tin Cup, Rollbar

Q: Spacebar


  • Imperial Walkers x15 IC
  • High Knees x20 IC
  • Sun Gods + Jonny Dramas F/R IC x10
  • Michael Phelps IC x20 Pre-Thang
  • 100 yard Bear Crawl Inchworm. Each time a pax reaches the front of the worm, do 5 merkins.
  • 100 yard Lunge Walk Inchworm. Each time a pax reaches the front of the worm, do 10 Bobby Hurleys. While waiting in the worm, amrap squats. Thang Split pax into groups of 3. 1 pax at each station with the 3rd pax pushing between stations.

The Thang

    • Station #1
    • SSH IC x50
    • Big Boys x50
    • Leg Pulses (reps of 25 per leg) 50 total
    • Flutter Kicks IC x50
    • Carolina Dry Docks x50
    • Station #2
    • Monkey Humpers IC x50
    • Sumo Squats IC x50
    • Hand release Merkins x50
    • Apolo Ohnos IC x50
    • Freddy Mercurys IC x50


    • Frozen Freddies IC x20
    • Heals to Heaven IC x20
    • Flutter Kicks IC x20
    • Low Dollies x20
    • Sarpy Slammers Rancid-Style COT Over the past few days, YHC has been reflecting upon 2022. While I’m a very fortunate person to have had the year I had, one aspect fell far short of my expectations: My overall fitness. I’m heavier than I should be, by a good amount, and my cardio sucks ass. I’m typically not one for “New Years’ Resolutions”, but this year I am using this as motivation to correct the aforementioned wrong. I’m approaching this one day at a time. If I can manage the Queen each day, success! If I can continue posting regularly and restart pre-running on a regular basis, success! I know I need to be accountable to myself each and every day. My message to the fellow Pax is that if there’s something in your life not right, find the motivation, whatever it may be, to right that wrong. Fight for that goal and put your full effort towards that goal. The most rewarding accomplishments are those that are the most difficult to obtain. Go get it. -Spacebar
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    The Battlefield

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