Wednesday, February 1, 2023 | Millard South AO | The MainStage | 5:30 AM | Clear and 9 degrees (feels like 0)
PAX: Khakis, Chiclets, Sweet Sweet, Girl Dad, Barber Shop, Urkle, Baby Shoes, Flea, Hi-Hat, Party Cove, Rowdy, Bayside, Barn Door, FNG – Jason (Welcome Cadbury!), The Big One, Roadhouse, Room Service and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed the PAX to the gloom on this first day of February. After sharing the F3 Mission, Principles and Disclaimer, we welcomed FNG – Jason (Cadbury), who recently moved to Omaha from Lincoln. Cadbury was EH’d by Barn Door. The theme today is “A Good Lettin’ Alone,” or if you’re not from the South you might say “solitude.” When someone in the South says that “Wait Time needs a good lettin’ alone, it means that Wait Time needs to go away and do some reflection. It usually is said after a person reacts in a negative way or makes a bad decision in their life that seems out of character. Throughout the workout, we will connect ourselves to the glory of solitude and try to overcome the pain of loneliness. The PAX moseyed to the football stadium only to discover a padlock on the gate, so we quickly pivoted to the tiered parking lot on the east side of the stadium.

Warm-A-Rama/ Broga:

SSH x 15 IC | Cherry Pickers x 10 IC | Apolo Ohno x 10 IC | Hillbillies x 10 IC | Chinooks (Aka Vandelays) x 10 IC | Half Pigeon | Plank | Garland Pose | Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

Pre-Thang: A Good Lettin’ Alone for Burpees

January’s Burpee Challenge just ended, but the PAX were instructed to space out away from one another as much as possible so we could get alone with burpees. For five minutes, the PAX did as many burpees as possible.


After completing five minutes of burpees the PAX paired up, and they were told that size did matter when picking a partner. The Thang consisted of a series of partner exercises:

Partner Jumps x 25 (One partner planks while the other jumps over them)
Partner Push (40 yards)
Foot Toss x 25 (One partner lays on back and holds the other partners ankles who is standing over them. The partner laying on the ground throws their feet upwards and the standing partner pushes down their feet to sculpt a six pack.)
Partner Derkins x 25 (One partner planks while the other partner places his feet on the planker’s back while doing Derkins).
Partner Carry (Uphill)
Wheelbarrow (Uphill)

YHC planned to do Junkyard Dogs (shout out Blue Suede), but since we were in the parking lot I decided to spare Khakis’ new tights. #kneepatches

Post-Thang: A Good Lettin’ Alone for Burpees

PAX were instructed to space out away from one another as much as possible so we could get alone with burpees. For four minutes, the PAX did as many burpees as possible.

6MOM: Rancid Style American Hammer x 18 IC


F3OMAHA Foundation Event Supporting the Gradoville Memorial Scholarship on Feb 16. Bring out your M, and join your fellow PAX as we honor and raise money to support the Chris Gradoville Memorial Scholarship. Currently, the F3Omaha Foundation is supporting four young men through its Gradoville Memorial Scholarship. Earlier this week, PAX members received an email with registration information related to the event. It is a free-event with a suggested donation. There will be an open bar and appetizers. PAX can support the event through donations and purchasing auction items.

Prayers: People involved in the tragic shooting at Target, Chiclets’ brother (Ted), FNG – Cadbury, Tin Cup.

COT: A Good Lettin’ Alone

As humans, we often dread being alone. Lately, I have spent a lot of time alone. I am like a lot of people who fear being the kid who eats alone in the school cafeteria. Recently, I rewatched “Castaway” and still find the story of that movie to be so compelling – as Tom Hanks forms a relationship with a volleyball named “Wilson.” Humans will go to great lengths to avoid loneliness.

But loneliness is not being alone. Loneliness is when we allow pain to occur when we find ourselves alone. You can actually feel loneliness in a room full of people. At times in my life, I have felt lonely when surrounded by people.

That feeling may have caused me to resist being alone. If we change our mindset, being alone becomes “solitude,” which is the glory of being alone. My recent time alone has felt more like solitude than loneliness. It has helped me grow. Solitude is about curiosity and openness. Solitude leads us to self-discovery and knowing our self. Loneliness makes us insecure and leads us to make bad decisions.

I have spent a lot of time alone. I haven’t felt lonely as much as I have felt solitude. I feel like I know myself better. The solitude has really helped me grow as a human-being. I have confronted pain that is decades old because I have taken the time to be alone with it.

Solitude will not help us form relationship skills, but it will help us value the relationships that we have and make better decisions about those relationships because we know ourselves. I encourage our pax to seek out alone time and make it glorious. You will know yourself better.

Nugent Flag: Sweet Sweet carried the Nugent flag to the workout. Nugent’s presence was felt in the gloom – especially when Sweet Sweet spoke of his dear friend. There is probably no one in F3 who knew Nugent any better than Sweet Sweet. It was special when he shared his perspective of Nugent. I was honored to receive the Nugent flag from Sweet Sweet. That is a top ten day for me!

We ended in prayer

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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