9/15/23 Golden Spike – F3Omaha Burke Stadium, Omaha – 65 degrees, calm wind – PERFECT!

18 PAX: Canadian Bacon, Tugboat, TC, Tin Cup, Tom Tom, Tiny Dancer, Tuna Fish, Tupac, Low Pony, Laserjet, Motorboat, Almost Famous, Q-tip, Oliver Twist, Penny Marshall, Room Service, Spacebar.

QIC: Oompa

WoR – Stretches

  • Big Ones
  • Tappy Taps
  • Cherry Pickers

The Pre-Thang

Batting Practice

  • Line up on the 50 YL
  • 1 pax member (leader) calls out an exercise and bats the wiffle ball toward the endzone
  • PAX run to where the ball landed
  • Whatever yard marker the ball lands on is how many of the exercise the PAX have to do, with the leader counting
  • Leader picks the next hitter and PAX reset on the 50 YL

The Thang (until 6:05AM)

 Pax counted off into groups of two.  Each PAX member in a group ran in opposite directions around the track, until they met up with their partner again.  When you met up they started with the first exercise, completed it, then took off in opposite directions again yelling “See ya when I see ya!”.   You CAN do this beatdown without yelling “See ya when I see ya”, but it isn’t quite the same calorie burn.   

The second time you meet up with your partner you do the first and second exercises on the card.  The third time you do the 1st, 2nd and 3rd exercises (cumulative). And so on.

  • 10 – Merkins
  • 15 – Copperhead Squats
  • 20 – Big Boys
  • 25 – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • 30 – Air Squats
  • 35 – Flutter Kicks
  • 40 – Carolina Dry Docks


  • 15 x Box Cutters
  • 15 x Low Dollys
  • 18 x American Hammers (Rancid style)


Vala’s Weekend with F3Omaha!

Prayers always, for Pete Steffensmeier’s first week back at school.  Prayers for Oliver Twist’s parents and their health struggles.  Prayers for Memphis and his recovery from an asthma attack at a cross country meet this week.  Prayers for Tassles’ wife as she embarks on a breast cancer treatment plan.

(WHOOPS) NoR was out of order (thanks for the assist, Almost Famous)



Doing the same things in private, as you would in public

I reminded the PAX, and myself, that we all have issues that we foster in secret in our lives, and that we can run on for a long time, ducking and dodging, but that sooner or later, they will catch up to us.

I left the PAX with a scene from Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion, in which a 40 YO man is at a crossroads, deciding secretly whether or not to do the right thing, especially since he has set himself up perfectly to do the wrong thing.  He’s sitting in his yard contemplating the choice he is about to make:

“As I sat on the lawn looking down the street I saw that we all depend on each other. I saw that, although I thought my sins could be secret, that they would be no more secret than an earthquake.  All these houses, and all these families, my wrongdoing will somehow shake them. It will pollute the drinking water. It will make noxious gasses come out of the ventilators in the elementary school. 

 When we scream at each other in senseless anger, blocks away a little girl we do not know spills a bowl of gravy all over a white tablecloth.  If I choose this transgression, somehow the school patrol will forget to guard the intersection and someone’s child may be injured.  A sixth grade teacher will think “what the hell” and eliminate South America from geography. Our minister will decide “what the hell I’m not gonna give that sermon on the poor.” Somehow my actions will cause the man in the grocery store to say “to hell with the health department, this sausage was good yesterday, it certainly can’t be any worse today”.  I just leave the story there.  Anything more I could tell you would be self-serving, except to say that we depend on each other more than we ever know.”


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