8/8/23 – The Sanitarium – Chernobyl – 9.8 Pain Scale (per Double Dip)

PAX (19) Parsecs, Shocker, Feeny, G-String, RayBan, Double Dip, Cougar, Fun Dip, Squeaky Clean, Pit Stop, Truck Stop, Woodstock, Boss Hogg, Ichiro, Jackson 5, Maaco, Beans, Mr. Hanky, Chernobyl (Q)

5:30  Opening & Warm-O-Rama (~ 10 min)

Chernobyl welcomed the PAX to the gloom sharing our F3 mission statement, 5 core values, our Credo, and that YHC was not a professional and to modify as necessary. No FNGs were present this sprinkling morning. We then mozied to the turf field and circled up for Warm-O-Rama which included

Sun Gods, Cherry Pickers, Chanooks & Quad Stretches 

5:38  Thang

The PAX found a partner or group to exercise with, then lined up on the South Goal Line. In sequence we completed the following:

Odd Yd Lines: Bear Crawl down, Crawl Bear back

Even Yd Lines: Broad Jump down, jog back

Every time you return to the goal line, do 7 burpees.

Once each team completed with the exercises above, they then had to finish with broken wheelbarrows to the other end zone, switching every 25 yards..

6:05  Mary’s (~6 min)

At 6:05 Chernobyl called Omaha. We then completed Sarpy Slammers as a group.

6:09 Name-O-Rama/COT

How many seeds are in an apple? Some guys said 4, some guessed 5, Double Dip guessed 10 (🤦🏻‍♂️)

Now how many apples are in a seed? Everyone paused to think. Finally G-String answered correctly with uncountable or something like that exactly.

Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to stay and hide, but instead to go out in the world and spread His Word. As members of F3, lets drive for more. Dig deep in the 2nd F & 3rd F. Find something you are passionate about and go after it. This group is something special and lets share it with the world, one guy at a time.


Prayers: Scott Johnston passed away earlier this week, prayers to his family. Uncle Jesse on hopefully receiving good scans for his son, the new Dads of Sarpy.

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