I got in a solid pre-ruck up and down the stadium stairs while gazing on what could only be described as at least the top three turf in F3Omaha.  It was muggy, so I took my jacket off while rucking.  But I like my jacket, so I put it back on for the beatdown.

Pax: Tenderfoot, Breakroom, Penny Marshall, Toadstool, Splinter, Honey Maid, SafeRide, Betamax, Spacebar, Almost Famous, Black Lung, Black Jack, Winslow, Mcgavin


Started at 5:30 and did that thing we always do.


F3 stands for fitness fellowship and faith. Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our five core principles are these: we are free, open to all men, always outside, led in a rotating fashion, and we end in a circle of trust. Motto: Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him. I am not a professional; modify as necessary. 


At 5:32, we started warmarama: Moved to the parking lot behind the West bleachers

  • Imperial Walkers
  • 20 air squats
  • Left leg over right ten count toe touch
  • Right leg over left ten count toe touch
  • Grass grabbers
  • 20 air squats
  • Big ones
  • Sun gods with calf raises


Asked the pax to partner up at 5:37


Explained the thang: Partners stick together


Pre-thang – Started right at 5:38


  1. At the bottom of the hill to the North of the stadium at the end of the parking lot, I had the pax run to the top of the hill and back.  Then perform 5 sumo squats, and 1 burpee.  Then we ran to the top of the hill and back, and performed 10 sumo squats, 2 burpees.  Repeated this adding five reps of sumo squats one burpee each time until Black and do 15 sumo squats, 3 burpees.  Repeat and do 20 sumo squats and 4 burpees. First person to finish this yells “Omaha.”


Thang – At 5:48, we moseyed to the bottom of the stadium stairs at the East side. 


  1. At 5:50, we did the same exercise except you snake up and down the stairs once then return to the same spot.  Do 5 bobby hurleys and 1 burpee….same cadence and person yells Omaha once they do their fifth burpee.
  2. I called Omaha at 6:00 when most people were about at 20 BH’s and 4 burpees.


Post thang:

  • Pax did a sprint w/ side straddle hop drill.  All together start at the goal line, AYG to the 25 – 25 SSH not in cadence.  All together AYG to the 50 – 50 SSH not in cadence.  Altogether, AYG to the other 25 – 25 SSH not in cadence.  Altogether, AYG to the other goal line.  Toadstool gave us a 10 count, then we all sprinted AYG to the other Goal line.


Completed this exercise with Mary – American hammers rancid style




Announcements/prayer requests

  • For all those in the job market right now that they have a soft landing.
  • For Mark Dahir, AKA Totem, and his daughter.  Totem passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack last week and his daughter was there to administer CPR.


Cot –


  • I told a story I remember from my childhood where I spilled chocolate milk.  My dad noticed I was cleaning up the spilled milk on the ground before cleaning it up off the table.  He said “you’ve got to clean up the milk on the table first otherwise you won’t be fixing the problem.”
  • Over time, I’ve learned the wisdom of this. Fix your problems at the root level.  Don’t try to fix problems at the symptom level, try to fix them at the deepest possible point where you still have control.  For anything deeper, allow yourself to let go. 
  • In this vein, I’ve been working on my relationship with my dad.  I’ve had to keep him at an arm’s length, but we are working on growing together in relationship by shared experiences.

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