Back Blast: Murph Monday
Date: 8.5.2019
AO: Red Wings
Pax: Wait Time, GUT, TC (Respect!), Hard Hat, Vandalay, Tuna Fish, Specimen, Honey Stinger, Pablo, Dr. Phil, Ponzi, Merch, FNG-Mike Petro, Blue Suede, Room Service, Slow Roast, Baby Grand, Honey Badger, Sasquash, Tonight Show
QIC: Tonight Show
Conditions: 72 degrees and clear blue skies as the sun rose of the gloom.

It’s Monday and we only Murph on Monday. On rare occasions we double Murph. All pax completed the required reps. Weight vests encouraged but none in attendance today.

  • 10 pull-ups or assisted pull-ups
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 air squats
  • pax selected core crusher on all even sets
  • Mosey completed from parking lot to playground then again after set 5 and 8 then return to the parking lot to complete 2.3 miles

We don’t usually do mary at the end but in honor of Waffle House it was absolutely necessary all pax completed Low Dolly X 20 on my “Open”!

Today the name game was weak! C+ at best. Our FNG was named Ginger Ale during Name-a-rama and as YHC departed I knew a name change was in order. As the Q, YHC has decided from this day forward Ginger Ale shall be known as The Curse!

Announcements: Waffle House is still in the hospital and in need of prayers. For all the warriors out there now is the time. #TAP Lots of support opportunities are coming up so watch Twitter and be ready.
Omaha was called out by the IronPax to join the challenge for 2019. You sign up as individuals but we will also compete as a region. This is about putting all the other regions to shame. Go sign up. Do it!

Finally, YHC shared a message from pastor Myron Pierce which was too good not to share. Give it a listen here if you are so inclined. In summary in the TV series 24 whenever the terrorist capture Jack Bauer they know they can’t just tie him up they have to tape his mouth shut because Jack is dangerous and can escape if he can just get his mouth free first.
When we have a hurt or sin that goes un-shared we are trapped and we can’t get free until it is shared. The consequences are real. They are physical, they impact your he-motions, and they impact your spirit.
However, you can’t get free until you take the tape off. Find a friend and someone close that you trust and tell them what you are hiding from or what you are struggling with. You have to in order to begin healing that which afflicts you.

Merch closed in prayer!

I always feel blessed to lead such fine #HIM!
Tonight Show

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