July 11th 2023| Sanitarium |PLHS| 67 degrees and partly cloudy


#’s Pax: 26

QIC:  Big Rig 


5:00am Pre-Run: Double Dip, Boss Hog, Fun Dip, Ladybug, Uncle Jessie, Big Rig, Stanglehold think I’m missing a few

5:30am Welcome – F3 stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith.  The mission to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

5 core principles of F3.  1) Open to ALL men. 2.  Always Free.  3) Always held outdoors, 4) Lead in a rotating fashion and 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT).

Creed: Leave no man behind and no man where we found him 



FNGs today – Zero

Big Rig reminded the PAX that he is not a professional.  Modify as necessary.  From this point forward there is a real risk of injury.  

5:35 am Warm-a-rama: 


• One Mozy lap /  meet a mid-field 

• 10 Sun Gods forward and back

• Hang (10 count)

• Big ones left and right (10 count) 

• Chinooks (clockwise & counter clockwise 10)








5:40 am The Thang – Rotating Circuit 7/11 Themed Beatdown


Station #1 – Slurpee Burpees (11 reps of each burpee)

1.​Hand release push-up burpee

2.​ 30 count plank

3.​Tony Hawk Burpee (180 jump at top) Yell “KICK FLIP” when set complete 

4.​30 count plank

5.​Regular Burpee

6.​30 count plank

7.​Diamond David Lee Roth Burpee

• Diamond merkin

• David Lee Roth Jump at top


Station #2 – Stairway to Seven

• 11 merkins at bottom of stairs 

• Run up stairs 

• 11 johnny dramas at top of stairs 

• Crawl bear (feet first) down the stairs  



Station #3 – Roller Grill

All pax plank near start cone until next pax gets to turnaround cone on hill  


Movements up hill:

1.​Bear crawl 

2.​Bernie Sanders  


4.​Crab walk 

5.​Crawl Bear (reverse bear crawl)

6.​Frog Jump 



Roll or backwards lunge down hill


Station #4 – Coffee and Donuts 

(11 reps each in cadence)


1. Box Cutters 

2. Dollys 

3. Freddie Mercury

4. Heels to Heaven 

5. Flutter Kicks 

6. Sarpy Slammers 

7. Mountain Climbers  




Station #5 – Hot Cheetos & Takis  


Exercises completed as group on line to cones and back 


1. Butt Kickers 

2. High Knees

3. Single Leg Hop  (right leg out / left leg return) 

4. Karaoke 

5. Tapioca (short, quick Karaoke) 

6. Double leg short hops  

7. Bernie Out / Sprint In 


Station #6 – Lottery Tickets 


Take turns picking a ticket to find out what you’ve won! 


1. Flutter Kicks in Cadence (11) 

2. Carolina Dry Docks in cadence (11) 

3. Al Gore (22 count) 

4. Diamond Merkins (11) 

5. Air Squats in Cadence (11) 

6. Mountain Climbers in cadence (11) 




Station #7 – Beer Run 


1 Lap around the track. 


PAX take turns sharing the coupon. 


Push group (1) when complete.




6:05 am Mary – Sarpy Slammers 

6:08 am The Name-a-rama: 


Double Dip, Big Rig, G-String, Fun Dip, Lady Bug, Mortor, Wait Time, Rooney, Feeny, Danbreis, Harding, Sweet Roll, Boss Hog, Lansberry, Busser, Kickstand, Dozer, Ichiro, Ear Tag, Uncle Jessie, Baby Shark, Crankbait, Stranglehold, Black Tuesday, Irish Car Bomb, KOA   


• Announcements:  


o There are Sarpy Swag t-shirts available in an assortment of sizes

o Oscar is having his VQ at Fancy Feast 

o Shovel Flag pass at Pit Stop  

• Prayer Requests

o Sarah as she beings Chemo treatments 

COT – Full benefit


Navy SEALs have a saying.


When something sucks: “Full benefit.”


Instant mindset shift.


• Hiking in pouring rain? Full benefit.

• Lose draft of a project? Full benefit.

• Driving + car breaks down? Full benefit.


Adversity makes us better if we let it.


When you go through adversity, you learn your limitations, your selfish levels, and patterns, both negative and positive. After each hardship, you get to know yourself even better.


Adversity will give you the strength to face change and make change. Because once you’ve been pulled from your comfort zone, you may not have a choice.

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