For those of you who were not able to make it, or posted somewhere else, today was a Top 10 June Morning. Upper 50’s, no wind. Perfect weather. Some days the gloom ain’t so gloomy!

PreRun: Shirley demanded our attention. So we gave it to her. If you’re keeping score at home, JeanClaude set a personal PR running up Shirley, on his 66th attempt. TClaps JC. Last I saw he was chasing after Stitches. #DamnDudes

Pax: ArmBar, DollFace (Respect), PinkGorilla (Respect), Bloodshot, Caruso (Respect, Respect), Rocket, Woody (Respect), The Entertainer, SisterAct, SnowMan, AnimalHouse, Frosty (Respect), Polaroid, Spreadsheet, AsianZing (Respect, Respect), BunsOfSteel, Stitches, SandyCheeks, GirlDad, Gunner (Respect), SmashMouth, & YHC Firewalker.

At precisely the right time, FW welcomed the Pax, said all the things he was supposed to say. Probably some things he wasn’t. But let’s be clear, nobody showed up this morning to hear FW talk. They had some biz-ness to tend to. And it started w Warm-a-Rama.

Special shout-out in this BB to PinkGorilla (Respect) who was DR from Phoenix. His 2.0 will be attending Creighton. Looking fwd to welcoming such a HIM back in the gloom again soon!


⁃ MNCs – 20 IC

⁃ AirPresses -20 SC

⁃ Raggedy Andy’s – 20 IC

⁃ Imperial Squat Walkers – 15 IC


⁃ Pax worked through a set of 11’s: Cheerleaders with Firecrackers (JumpTucks)


⁃ The Pax partnered up. There were two cones set up and each end of the AO. Pax would complete the first exercise and run to the other cone to complete the second exercise together with their partner.

1. 50 Merkins

2. 50 Groiners

3. 50 Cheerleaders

4. 50 BigBoy Sit Ups

5. 50 Bobby Hurleys

6. 50 Carolina Dry Docks

7. 50 Lunges (25 each leg)

8. 50 MonkeyHumpers

Rinse & Repeat if time…

At precisely the right time, FW stepped forward on the Bradford Bowl Stage, cupped his hands to his mouth and boldly declared “OMAHA”!!! The pax mosey’s back to the shovel flags for some Mary.


⁃ Marg/ Homers 10 Up/Downs.

⁃ 007s – Right, Left, Middle

⁃ Sarpy Slammers, Rancid Style, IC


⁃ Heartland Hope

⁃ Freed To Bleed

⁃ Count ‘Em! Frosty (Reapect) counted 7 pax who were in attendance today who were at his first post at CornHusker Handicap. Tell you what, there’s nothing like getting the gang back together!

Prayer Intentions

⁃ Rollbar & Family & Little Man Dax.


One of the most fundamental lessons of leader ship is that if you’re a leader, it’s not about you. It’s about the people following you. The best leaders devote almost all of their energy to inspiring and enabling others. Taking care of them is a big part of this.

Meekness is not weakness. It’s power under control. It’s an ambition, grounded with humility, and lift out in confidence, not arrogance. Quiet and appropriate confidence is way more attractive than loud and outspoken arrogance. Those who know the most many times are the ones who say the least. Humble leaders are willing to pass on the credit, but absorb the criticism, push others higher, while making themselves lower, and put the teams desires ahead of their own. A leader’s job is to shepherd, not necessarily, always shine. It’s about the mission, the team, and the tribe, not about you and your ego. Leaders today should be more conductors that solo artists.

An excerpt from H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick. Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

Just yesterday I found myself driving with my family for a couple of hours and during that time spaced off thinking about work. After about 45 minutes my M looked over and asked, “what are you thinking about?” I told her I was thinking about work. As I reflected on that conversation, this recent reading came to mind and a note I had handwritten in the column that asked the question: “What does my team need from me today?” While I had written that note and intended it for my team at work, I recognized how easy it was to It’s easy to neglect my real team at home. Here I was driving with my family but thinking about work, not being present with them in the moment. What does your team need from you today? Not your corporate team, but your team at home. What do they need from you today? How can you show up differently and make a difference and the most of our time together today?



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