Golden Spike April 27, 2023


AO:​Golden Spike (Burke High School)

April 27, 2023


Weather:  50 F, ideal 


PAX (8): Scoober, Oompa, Tom Tom, Johnny Bravo, Skipper, TC (Respect), Canadian Bacon (Respect, Respect), Rain man.



Q: Dirty Bird


Dirty Bird gathered the PAX at 5:30.  Dirty Bird welcomed all to the Golden Spike.  He recited the five core principles and laid out the F3 Mission Statement which is “to plant, grow and serve small workouts to invigorate male community leadership.”  


We were delighted to discover that Burke Stadium was open and available for our full use.  The group started with a ½ lap mosey around the track and met in the middle.


• Side Saddle hops- IC- 20

• Hillbillies- IC- 15

• High knees 20 yards and back 

• Side shuffle 20 yards and back 20

• Side shuffle 20 yds and back 20 

• Karaokes for 20 yds


PAX then circled up and got in plank position.

10 Count plank

10 Merkins

10 Mountain Climbers IC

10 plank jacks

5 count rest

10 Merkins

10 Mountain Climbers IC

10 plank jacks

5 count rest

10 Merkins

10 Mountain Climbers IC

5 count rest

10 Merkins




The PAX found a partner.  Two man grinder to very catchy tunes*.  One partner will stay at the bottom and do exercises.  The other partner will run up the stadium stairs.  Together the two will do the exercises on the sheet.

Apollo Ohno’s​​​​​​100

Big Boys​​​​​​100

T Merkins​​​​​​50

Backward Lunges​​​​​100



Air Squats​​​​​​100

Oh Yeahs​​​​​​100

Plank Jacks ​​​​​​100


*play list

Banana Boat​​​​Harry Belafonte (Rest in Peace)

Eye of the Tiger​​​Survivor

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet​​Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Karma Chameleon​​​Culture Club

The Final Countdown ​​Europe

Kung Fu Fighting ​​​Carl Douglas


Chain Run with last runner doing burpee (twice around the field)


Scissorkicks 10 IC

Gas pumpers- 10 IC

American Hammers- Rancid

Prayers and Announcements

• Thanks was for those who helped at the 5 year anniversary

• Reminder that Halfway House Kroll at 90th and Center

• Prayers for the banged up PAX, Chiclets family

• Prayer request for Oompa as he deals with being isolated at work



Observation of the last two weeks.  My M and I have been stretched pretty thin with kids activities.  Especially over the weekends which when we should be resting.  We both have demanding jobs.  The last few weeks my wife had been out of town which left me to handle the yard work, grocery shopping etc and dealing with the other kid.  She was tired.  I was tired of doing what felt like everything around the house.  We were both irritable and lashing out at each other.

I went to Q Source at Paradise which was focused on the importance of prayer in leadership.  The discussion really focused on prayer and what it means to pray.  What really hit home with me was hearing other guys going through the exact same things I was going through at home and talking about prayer as a way to hit the reset button.  How they use it to deal with irritation, frustration and anxiety.

I am not the most in your face religious guy, but I did have a few take aways from that Q source.  Whether it is prayer, mediation or just unplugging for a while.  There is power inslowing things down, getting a moment to yourself and just clearing your mind and letting the things that are important come to you.  The other take away is the best thing about F3 is whatever you are struggling with…. fighting with your M, mental health, anxiety, depression, dealing with family drama, Stress from work,…..there are at least 3 or 4 other guys in F3 Omaha dealing with the exact same thing.  They are there to listen to you, and you are there to support them.

Go to coffee.  Go to Q Source.  Go on a prerun.  Just listen to what other guys are saying and you may find out you’re not the only one dealing with whatever you are dealing with.  The support is there if you are willing to participate.

The beatdown ended with a prayer and giving thanks for the opportunity to gather.

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Golden Spike

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