Wednesday April 12 , 2022| Mt. Olympus  | Liberty Middle School | 60 degrees and clear skies

PAX(7): Chernobyl, Double Dip, Fun Dip, Jean Claude, Tenacious D, Boss Hog, Mortar

QIC:  Chernobyl and Double Dip

4:45am Pre-Run: PAX were notified that pre-running was a bad idea and they needed to save their energy. Nonetheless, Jean Claude was out there OYO hitting the lake route as usual.

5:15am Welcome –

We knew we would be sprinting to fit the full Beatdown in so we had the PAX head to the football field for the start. We scurried through our routine of formalities:

You have found yourself at F3, Fitness, fellowship, and Faith. Our mission is to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. We have 5 core principles of F3:  Open to ALL men, Always Free, Always held outdoors, Lead in a rotating fashion and Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). Our Credo: We leave no man behind but no men where we found them. 

Double Dip & Chernobyl reminded the PAX that they are not professionals and to modify as necessary. From this point forward there is a real risk of injury. Today was exceptionally prudent that they hear this message and they would soon find out.

FNGs today – 0

5:20am Warm-O-Rama-

Sun Gods forward/reverse 10 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

5:23am The Thang- 

Chernobyl explained the Beatdown to the PAX. We broke the group into pairs and started on the track near the bleachers. There were sheets of paper and lights along the goal line of the football field listing the horror to come, and the exercises were split into 5 Stages, all equally horrible. For all exercises, the quantities listed were for each PAX but were done as a team. Failures were shared, but so were triumphs. The list of exercises were as follows:

Stage 1 – Overhead Rifle Carry around the track ~ Estimated time: 5 min

Description: Each Partner lifts the coupon overhead with straight arms.

Penalty for stopping: Everytime you stop and/or rest the coupon, you and your partner must stop and do 3 blockees.

Stage 2 – 100 yd. Broken Coupon Wheelbarrow ~ Estimated time: 15 min

Description: Each partner does 25 yds at a time. The “wheelbarrow” partner got into position with one arm being forced to drag a coupon as they moved. The standing partner only held one leg of their partner while carrying his coupon. Every 25 yards, the partners would switch roles. Each partner completed 100 total yards of BCWs.

Penalty for stopping: Each time you stop for rest you and your partner do 3 Blockees.

Stage 3 – 200 yd Bunny Tracks ~ Estimated time: 10 min

Description: Each partner does 100 yd Murder Bunny down the field together. Once you reach the other goal line, Jump side to side over the coupon (tall way), then return back to the start by doing Redrum Bunnies.

Penalty for stopping: Each time you stop for rest you and your partner do 3 blockees.

Stage 4 – 200 yd Walking Thrusters ~ Estimated time: 7 min

Description: Each partner does a Thruster approximately every yard down the field. Once each partner gets to the other side, repeat on the way back.

Penalty for stopping: Each partner does 3 Blockees.

Stage 5 – Stationary Exercises for Reps ~ Remainder of beatdown

Description: If you get through the first 4 rounds, awesome work, but you’re not done yet. Cycle through the following exercises to see how many reps you can get in before Omaha.

  1. 20 Hadouken’s (Coupon Swing with a 3s Ryu/Ken hold at the top)
  2. 20 Blockees
  3. 20 Around the Worlds (10 Right / 10 Left)

Unfortunately, no one got to Stage 5 as we ran out of time. At 5:54 we called “Omaha” to allow time for the finisher: Double Farmer Carry back to the Shovel Flags. No through arm holds were allowed, purely hand grip. If the coupon was dropped or rested, both partners had to 3 blockees and the other partner took the coupons.

5:50am Mary- 

Since we were out of time, we shortened Mary to just be Coupon Hammers IC (Chernobyl count & Rancid Style)

5:55am Name-O-Rama / Prayers / Announcements- Anniversary Beatdown on April 22nd, Wear Green for Gabe (KOA’s nephew on Friday), Free to Bleed event for next week…go sign up

Prayers: KOA & his family, Swiper & his family, Nature Boy and his recovery (heart out of rhythm)

 6:00am COT-

List of the most important disciplines when it comes to expecting outcomes.

  1. You don’t control outcomes.
  2. Expect the best from yourself.
  3. You. Don’t. Control. Outcomes.
  4. Expect to win.
  5. Expect to lose.
  6. Expect it to take longer than you expect.
  7. Expect the outcomes you want most to provide the most resistance.
  8. The higher your expectations, the more you are responsible.
  9. Any fool can create an expectation and get angry when it isn’t met.
  10. The outcomes you expect are often different from the outcomes others want.
  11. Your track record of accurately predicting situations and outcomes isn’t nearly as good as you think, which is fed mainly by your expectations.

By Brian Kight

Lastly, I’d like to thank those PAX that accepted the challenge. They all knew what they were getting into but did it anyway. Super proud of all these HIM.

Aye! Double Dip and Chernobyl

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