March 3, 2023
The Armory
Ta-Ha-Zouka Park
Cold, but nice.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)
Directed by John Hughes
Starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, and Jeffrey Jones

QIC: Gator

I arrived around 4:40 a.m. to my home away from home, The Armory. I set up some lights and clipboards and returned to find a solid group of 8 prerunners: Cheap Seats, Speedbump, Barn Door, Ozark, Wait Time, Blades of Glory, Gator, and Home Alone.

When we returned, I saw some faces I hadn’t seen in a while, including Macanudo! (Respect!) And Speedbump was joining us for his first post at the Armory – welcome brother!

Promptly at 5:30 a.m., the Q continued to mumblechatter with the PAX. Then Tonight Show let me know it was time to start!


The Q welcomed the PAX to F3 and hit the usual intro, including the mission statement, 5 core principles (from the parking lot, the Q heard Ozark say “always rotating”) the credo, and the disclaimer. No FNGs.

The Q also explained that this was a substi-Q for our man Boji who is ill. In his honor, we will have Burpee Trivia questions on the 1986 comedy classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” directed by John Hughes.

But first, our trivia question is:

Q: What is Boji’s favorite movie?

Several PAX knew this one, but the group decided that Doppler was first on the buzzer with the correct answer:

A: “Scent of a Woman” (Hoo-ah!)

Doppler led us in Bobby Hurleys. How many times? Nine times, of course.

Short mosey to the grassy area by the pavilion. Mufasa appreciated that we were not on concrete.


We did some Broga.

Plank / down dog / pigeon / down dog
Scorpion Dry Docks x 20

Pre-thang #1: “We’ll drive backwards!”

In the movie, Ferris convinced Cameron that they could take miles of the Ferrari by driving backwards. So, for the first pre-thang, we did dips and derkins in reverse. How do you do that? Great question. We’ll do them on the “up” instead of “down”

Dips x 40
Derkins x 20
rinse and repeat

A PAX member noted that they are much more difficult in reverse. True.

Ferris Bueller Trivia #1:
Q: The movie, like many of those directed by John Hughes, was filmed in what city?

Cheap Seats, noting that Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane went to a Cubs game, gave the correct answer…

A: Chicago

He led us in Bobby Hurleys x 9 (on the up)

Mosey to the back of the main baseball field. Upon arrival, the Q recounted the scene where Cameron refused to get out of bed and then the Q sang “When Cameron was in Egypt land…” and then some PAX joined in to complete the line: “let me Cameron go!”

Pre-thang #2: “When Cameron was in Eygpt land” … he did a Wall Pyramid!

Australian Mt. Climbers x 5 IC (modify Mt. Climbers)
Chicken Peckers x 10 IC (modify Alt. Shoulder Taps)
Donkey Kicks x 15 (modify Merkins)
BTTW x 20 seconds (modify Plank)
10 Count x 2
Then back down.

Ferris Bueller Trivia #2:
Q: Cameron is wearing the number 9 jersey of Gordie Howe for which hockey team?

A chorus of Pax made a very good guess that, given the Chicago setting, Cameron was sporting Blackhawks gear. But it was Ozark that correctly answered…

A: Detroit Red Wings (where was Blades of Glory on this one?)

Tha Thang: Save Ferris!

Two guys Bernie Sanders, or walk in reverse

Then they will do 5 Alarm Clocks (modify 10 T-Merkins)

Return in the same manner in which you went to push the other two guys, whom have been performing the following AMRAP exercises:

Side Straddle Hops
Air Squats
Van Goghda*
Elbow to Knee (E2K)

Everest (Lunge, squat, Lunge, repeat)
Ranger Merkins
Imperial Walkers
Scorpion Dry Docks**

*Van Goghda
Think lying down Abe Vigoda. On your 6, leg spread. Sit up while reaching as high as possible with one hand. Once the peak is reached, lower hand reaching forward and crossing over to touch opposite foot, reverse motion back down. Flip-flop and repeato other side.

**Scorpion Dry Dock
A Carolina Dry Dock with one leg hoisted in the air higher than your 6

I was grouped with Yodel, Blades, Macanudo, and Doppler. Great mumblechatter as we completed the entire grinder!

Ferris Bueller Trivia #3:
Q: When they have lunch, Ferris tries to pretend he has a reservation under the name of…

Bogey had this one wrapped up quickly and even knew the moniker of this fictional entrepreneur.

A: Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago

Bogey led us in 5 Bobby Hurleys (we reduced the number based on awarded bonus points)

Mosey to Shovel Flags.

Count off: 18 – perfect!

Name-o-Rama: Yodel, Blades of Glory, Cheap Seats, Smelly Cat, Thor, Doppler, Macanudo (respect), Tonight Show, Barn Door, Home Alone, Bogey, Back Country, Wait Time (respect), Ozark (respect), Mufasa, Speedbump, Cradle and Gator.

3rd F activities going on now, including the Cereal drive at Maize and Labyrinth
2nd F activities every Friday:
1st Friday lunch, 2nd Friday Happy Hour at Jukes, 3rd Friday Happy Hour at Bearded Brewery, and every Friday at Kros Train. (all happy hours a 4pm start time).
Only silent prayers today.

COT: The Doa of Ferris

Watching the movie last night with my kids (first time viewing for the 2.0s), I was thinking I would talk about the scene in the beginning where Ferris advises the audience that ” “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

But what struck me while watching it was that Ferris doesn’t take himself too seriously while everyone else in the movie does. Rooney, Cameron, his sister Jeanie, his Mom, and even the snooty (snotty) maître d’ at the restaurant. They are all stressed, uptight, and overly serious about things that don’t matter much.

Then I realized that I can be just like that. Sometimes I’m too wrapped up in work and making my job my identity. Sometimes its fitness goals, like training for a marathon and injuring myself in the process. But what I’m the worst at is with my 2.0s. Seeing them laugh and enjoy the movie was a reminder that I take myself too seriously as a Dad. I find myself being overly critical and corrective with my kids. It seems like I worry that if I don’t parent this way, then my kids will grow up to always forget their backpacks and pick their nose in public. But I am a way better father when I just engage with my kids and enjoy spending time together.

With the help of this group (and the Doa of Ferris), I will push myself to do better. Thank you, brothers!

Tonight Show graciously led us out in prayer.

With Gratitude,


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