Coffeeteria5/5/2018, BOYS TOWN AO

PAX: Bartman, Penny Pincher, Taste Bud, Coach k, Specimen, Curds, No Doze, Big Sky, Lemon Law, Bluegrass, Room Service, Sweet Tooth, Bubba Gump, Ethanol, Tonight Show, Brazilian, Boom-Boom, Speed Dial, Gipper, Blackboard, Selleck, I-Beam, Bob Ross.

Welcome FNGs (3): Keith Schwartz (Geek Squad), Drew White (Ponzi), Jordan Ballard (Hollywood).

Q: Wait Time

Wait Time welcomed 27 PAX and reminded everyone it was a very important holiday for Bluegrass and his old Kentucky home.  In honor of the Kentucky Derby, Wait Time organized a turf race and the THANG was in the “infield” at the Downs.  The workout did extend beyond the greatest two minutes in racing.

After the welcome and disclaimer, the PAX moseyed to the parking lot for Warma-a-rama.

SSH 20 IC > Imperial Walker 16 IC > Burpees 5 OYO > Crab Cakes 15 IC > Parker Peter 15 IC > Low Dolly 20 IC


PAX moseyed to the football field and split into two groups led by Specimen and Penny Pincher.  Theme of the day was raising up new Qs.  The PAX was split into groups so new leaders emerge.  Group 1 did 15 DIPS IC while Group 2 did 15 MERKINS IC.  Groups flapjacked, and then Group 1 did step ups while Group 2 did MERKINS IC.  Groups flapjacked.

Groups then formed two lines for Plank Hurdles (crowd pleaser).  Each group completed plank hurdles for the length of the football field.  Groups changed exercise for trip back and did Army Crawl/Plank.  This was a bigger crowd pleaser and mumble chatter ensued that everyone wanted to go back to Plank Hurdles.  Wait Time called Omaha about ¾ of the length of the football field.


PAX moseyed to soccer field area and split into four groups.  Each group went to a station  and completed a set of five exercises.  All four stations were completed with a brief commercial break at the half-way point that included some core workout (ABCs).

STATION 1 (Millionaire’s Row): Burpees, Monkey Humpers, Merkins, Pickle Pushers (shout out to Big Sky), Freddie Mercuries.

STATION 2 (Winner’s Circle): Burpees, Smurf Jacks, Diamond Merkins, Plank Jacks, LBCs.

STATION 3 (Mint Julep): Burpees, Copperhead Squat, Werkins, Peter Parker, Low Dolly

STATION 4 (My Old Kentucky Home): Burpees, Lunges, Carolina Drydock, MT Climbers, Box Cutters

6 MOM:

Dying Cockroach 15 IC, Rosalita 20 IC (led by Ethanol’s classic cadence), Freddie Mercuries 15 IC, Ankle Crunch 12 IC, American Hammer (20 IC) (shout out to Boom-Boom)

Circle of Trust:

Building Leaders.  Great to see guys emerge as leaders.  We discovered importance of developing Qs.  Wait Time shared that new Qs get supported through templates and planning documents.  Most difficult part is learning the cadence.  Here is Dread (F3 Founder) a “How To Count” training video to watch:

NEXT EXERCISE is “The Merkin”

Starting Position (PAUSE) Move.

In Cadence (PAUSE) Exercise.

MUSTACHE FOR KIDS, Shout out to Selleck and Room Service.  360 Mustache Growers were recruited for Special Olympics.  To give to Selleck or Room Service, or go to

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