AO – Wild Kingdom – Tuesday, January 31, 2023 @ 0530

20 PAX:  Crabcakes, Blades of Glory, Hot Hat, Flea, Patton (Respect), Fine Print, Chippendale, Boji, Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Barn Door, Vandelay (Respect), Wait Time (Respect), Mufasa, Sweet Sweet, Da Fridge, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Gator, Ketchup, and…

Your Qs – Chiclets (Respect) & Ozark (YHC, Respect)

A beautiful, clear 10-degree, morning with a faint, northwesterly breeze.  After YHC set-up the grinder at the soccer field, upon arrival to the parking lot, Chiclets approaches with his wall notes. We traipsed to the restroom building near the AO’s only light to confirm the wall’s usefulness.  Confirmed.  Chiclets agreed that the snow levels on the soccer field are low enough to warrant its use for the grinder.  Back to the flag.  We encountered a few pre-runners this fine morning. Gator, Patton, and…wait…Mufasa did a SWRR (Stretch, Walk, Run, Repeat) out and back?!?!?!  Vandelay, Boji and Wait Time did a more traditional pre-run, arriving just as Chiclets started the welcome. 

As the PAX are formally welcomed by Chiclets, Ozark ambled over to Mufasa to personally welcome him to Wild Kingdom.  5 core principles, including a hearty shout out to always outside and Fine Print’s further acknowledgement of always rotating. (Thank you FP)

Ozark and Chiclets led the PAX to the parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.  After waiting for a car to make its way to go ice fishing (or is that a PAX arriving late looking to avoid running?), YHC calls for Warm-O-Rama while trying not to interrupt happy mumble chatter.

YHC began Warm-O-Rama with your option of SSHs or low impact SSSS’s IC (Side Straddle Semi-SquatsTM Pending a.k.a. – “S to the power of 4TM Pending”). 

Chiclets took us to Tappy Taps and Big Ones

Ozark to Chinooks

Chiclets to Sun Gods and Cherry Pickers

Chiclets had us count off. “1-2-3-1-2-What? No? “

“No. Just keep counting.” 1,2,3,4,5…20.  “20?  Good.”

Mosey to the restroom building adjacent to the big parking lot with one coupon per pair.

Pre-Thang – Ascending Testicles

Chiclets describes the following as the PAX finds a spot on the wall.  Gator, Vandelay, and YHC find themselves on the dark, lonely, east end of the building (rendering us East End Boys).  But located in a spot we can hear Chiclets clearly.

Wall Exercises:

Feet on the wall @ 10 degree incline – 10 Derkins

Feet on the wall @ 45 degree incline – 10 Derkins

Full BTTW – 5 Derkins

10 Chicken Peckers

10 Australian Mountain Climbers

30 Sec Count



Wall Sit 60 count

Right leg up

Left leg up

Wall Sit 60 sec

20 Monkey Humpers

30 Sec Count


(Note – Chiclets was never out of breath while calling cadence throughout.  Respect!!!)

Mosey.  To…

The Thang

Counted off 1-3 (except for Fine Print, who continued with a 4) for a 3-station grinder on the soccer field. 

First station is the push, the other two are AMRAP.

After searching for, and ultimately finding (YHC needs both glasses and nighttime vision), the lights at the stations, so it begins.

Station 1 – (Push Group)

Round 1 –    25 FOF Squats

Round 2 –    25 Merkins

Round 3 –    20 Box Cutters

Round 4 –    15 Monkey Humpers

Round 5 –    20 Carolina Dry Docks

          PS – Have a Nice Day 😊

Station 2 – (AMRAP) (a.k.a. – OYO AMRAP*)

Round 1 –    Lunges

Round 2 –    Plank

Round 3 –    Freddy Mercuries

Round 4 –    Sumo Squats

Round 5 –    Shoulder Taps

          PS – Have a Nice Day 😊

Station 3 – (AMRAP)

Round 1 –     Apollo Ohnos

Round 2 –    Werkins

Round 3 –    Rosalitas

Round 4 –    Al Gore

Round 5 –    Amazing Spiderman

          PS – Have a Nice Day 😊

We skipped Round 3 to stay off the ground going directly to Round 4.  After Round 1, YHC explained to Fine Print that we’d moved on from one muscle group to another.  Unfortunately, that comment created much confusion and storied mumblechatter.  My bad.

During Round 4, YHC called Omaha and we moseyed back to the shovel flags. 

Mary – Chiclets called for Box Cutters.  Admittedly, after some time, YHC thought that’s all we were going to do, but we stopped at 30.  YHC calls for Frozen Freddies -24 (felt right).  And Chiclets called for Gas Pumpers – 20.  Rancid Style Hammers led by Crabcakes – 20.

Name-O-Rama went off successfully but with a higher ratio of fist bumps than normal.

Announcements:  Lots of 3rd F on Slack.  Brickbuilder Social Fundraiser on Feb 16th.  Sign up and attend!  West O Sector Social Trivia tonight at Local in Village Pointe – details on Slack. Huge success with the CSAUP food drive.  2 tons of food delivered on Saturday to the Sarpy food bank.

Prayers: Chiclet’s brother diagnosed with prostate cancer.  It’s in early stages, so very hopeful.  Slow Clap’s son is struggling with his addiction recovery.  Continued prayers for Tin Cup and others recovering from injuries.

Nugent Flag Pass:  From Vandelay to Sweet Sweet.  Since so many recent recipients are new PAX who did not know Nugent, Vandelay would like to see the flag in the hands of someone who knew Nugent personally.

COT:  Ketchup asked Chiclets and YHC to discuss what we wish we knew 20 years ago and how F3 impacts our lives.  Given the temperature, in an attempt at brevity, YHC limited this list to only a few things:

1. You’ll come to know a man called Chiclets.  He covets wall exercises.  Avoid his workouts. 

2. The Cubs will win the World Series in 2016.  Make a preseason bet on that. 

3. Although you think you’ve made it/found success, you’re about to embark upon a journey that will flip your idea of success on its head.  All the current career success you’ll leave behind.  All that money you made and saved (and then some), you’ll spend on starting a family.  The place you grew up, where your extended family lives, you’ll leave to start a life with your wife together anew halfway across the country.  It’ll all change.  You see, your early 30’s to your early 50’s is where all the action is.  And THIS is when you’ll get the curve balls thrown at you.  You’ll have to learn to recognize them, sit back and wait on them, and then figure out how to hit them.  Your journey won’t be the one you drew up from the outset.  It’ll be better.

How does F3 impact my life?  Transformational.  From self-focused to others focused.  No longer working incessantly, instead seeking ways I can be a resource to those around me, including my M and 2.0s.  So let me, or any other Respect guy, know how I/we can be that for you.

Chiclets:  When asked the question re: 20 years ago, Chiclets explained that he does NOT want to do that again!  It was tough for him.  His marriage ended causing hurt to those involved.  But now, his life is exactly what he’d hoped it would be!  I mean, he works out with his father-in-law and brother-in-law!  So, take your time when you’re in the trenches, soak in it, spew on the suck!!!  It WILL get better.  It’s that time in the suck that makes you know and appreciate the good stuff once it arrives.  And it probably doesn’t look like what you thought it would.

How does F3 impact his life?  Brotherhood.  Chiclets looks forward to each morning with the PAX, the comradery provides him the strength and perspective he needs.

Chiclets led us out in prayer.


Shalom Out,


* – OYO AMRAP is simply On Your Own As Many Reps As Possible

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