Title: 4-year anniversary
AO: Wild Kingdom
Date: 3/14/23
Q: Tonight Show

Pax: Taxman, Crab Cakes, Chiclets (Respect!), Blades of Glory, Chornobyl, Ketchup, *Nae Nae(Double Nickel??), Vlassic (Respect!), Escobar, Mufasa, Barn Door, Wait Time, OT, Lincoln Logs(Respect!, Respect!), Thomas, Hard Hat, Boji, Tonight Show

*See below for more information

FNGs: 0
Count: 18

Moleskine: YHC arrived to the darkest AO a little early to locate all the paths we would be using and ensure that they were clear from frost or ice. All good! I love coming out to this AO. I always remember how much I love the lake and the nature preserve. Even in the dead of night. This reminds me, I found my flashlights and set up cones at my favorite canopy hill.

YHC welcomed 18 pax to the gloom and dispensed with the mission, credo, disclaimer, and core principles. With the particulars stowed away and no FNGs in tow all pax begin reliving the workout that launched it all.


After a short mosey to the boat docks, not the parking lot or restrooms, the boat docks warm-a-rama began.

  • Hairy Rockettes * 12 (IC)
  • Steve Earle *12 (IC) (CH Squat + Hillbilly)
  • Blades of Steel * 10 (IC)
  • Steel Blades * 10 (1C)
  • Sun gods * 10 (IC) F+R
  • Suicide squats (Brazilian, regular, deep)

YHC reviewed the original backblast and it decreed that suicide squats should be counted with Brazilian, regular, deep instead of the customary short, regular, deep.  You know we love you Brazilian and we know that we’re all here because you invited us!!

After completing the WaR pax all moseyed back to the playground to begin the Thang.


Pax numbered off in 3 and stayed in their large groups of 3 throughout.

Station 1 – Jungle Gym of pain – Mini Murph

  • Pull-ups * 5
  • Merkins * 10
  • Squats * 15

Station 2 – Picnic in the park

  • Table Shrugs * 15
  • Single leg squats * 10 (each leg)
  • Derkin * 15
  • Step up * 20 (10 each leg)
  • Carolina dry dock * 12
  • Cop-a-squat * 10

Station 3 – Jungle Canopy

  • Run to canopy hill
  • Return to station 1 and push the group to the next station.

It was great to relive this. There was at least one pax heard saying I can’t believe we don’t use this hill more often. The same pax also quipped where is the light at the top of this hill. Are you sure we ran this far?!  (Yes, Wait Time, I’m sure. Keep going into the jungle.)

Other pax were heard suggesting Omaha could be called at any time without the need to run up the hill a second time. (I hear you Escobar, we’ll do one more round 😉 )
After nearly two full rotations it was unfortunately time to call Omaha. (To much cheering)
I was really hoping to hear Mufasa opinion of the hill but since I know he never reads/writes back blasts I will never know.


All pax moved over to the clearing nearer the water rather than the normal meet up at the flags. 
The pax completed 5 rounds of Captain Therkins and were thoroughly gassed at the end. 


  • 2.0 Beat at The Pit this weekend! Regular beat down at 5:30, kids at 7:00.
  • St Paddy’s at Bearded Brewers – Pre-run options available. (To be clear the pre-run is pre-drinking.)
  • Duke of Douchebag leading a convergence at Block Party this Friday.
  • April 22nd is 5 year anniversary beat down at Boys Town.
  • Rowher Elementary school is collecting cereal boxes. You can bring them to the Labyrinth, Maize, or give to Tonight Show, Barn Door, or Cheap Seats. The boxes of cereal will then be donated to the Heartland Hope Mission.
  • If you didn’t know already, F3 was named the sponsor of the year for Heartland Hope Mission! That is fantastic men. Way to keep making a difference in the community!


YHC asked all pax to look to the West. 4 years ago when this AO launched I had hoped to show pax one of two unplowed prairie natural preserves in Omaha, the Bauermeister Prairie. Unfortunately, just like this year, Daylight savings had put us back into the dark so instead I pointed out the shadow.  

Just like 4 years ago, YHC shared the definition of a preserve.  There are two definitions of preserve. One definition of a preserve is  “Maintain something in its original state.” (Well s*%t this isn’t going to work in my COT well.) I rejected this definition as it is decidedly un-F3 like.  It does have another much better definition, “a sphere of activity regarded as being reserved for a particular person or group.”  (That’s more like it)

The reason I keep coming back to F3Omaha is definitely because of the pax but it is because the pax reminds me that I have been preserved to something.  In other words, I have been set up apart for a specific sphere of activity. Men you are set apart for something and it is something that ONLY YOU CAN DO. You may be the only dad for your children, the other husband to your wife. If you don’t have either of those, you are a son to someone. You are the only oldest, youngest, or middle-est. The point is that you cannot escape that there are roles that only you can fulfill. Don’t wait, you have been set aside for just a time as this. Step boldly into it brothers.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead again Ketchup!

YHC closed out the morning with a prayer!

Always proud to be part of this group!
Tonight Show

*There was a significant amount of discussion about Nae Nae(Double Nickel) at Coffeteria.  It seems there was some controversy about naming this fine pax member. After a full review of the rules, scrutiny of the pax roster, a review of the original back blast and much much caffeine-induced hilarity, the rules committee has deemed his name is Nae Nae.  Take that Swiper!!

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