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11 August 2023: Back to School Movie Trivia Challenge: Part II

“Napoleon Dynamite” (2004)

I arrived at Stinson Park around 5:20 to set up. I could see another Pax walking towards me, but even with my best eye squint, I couldn’t determine their identity. As we got closer, I saw he was squinting at me, too. Whomever this mystery Pax was, we shared the affliction of near-sightedness… it was Bibs! This guy biked from Dundee to the Labyrinth for his first post a few weeks ago! While Stinson is much closer to where he lives, there is no good way to safely transport a coupon on a bicycle. But this bruiser-style beatdown would not require every pax to have their own.


The Q hit the usual intro, plus two notes: (1) This would be a bruiser-style beatdown (no running required) and (2) that today’s Burpee Trivia Challenge would be for the movie Napoleon Dynamite! About half the pax said they’d seen the movie, while the other half wondered how long it would take them to get to the Woodshed…

First Trivia Question: What is the name of Napoleon’s pet Llama? (Or, como se llama?)

A: Vanilla Ice did not need stop, collaborate, or listen – he just knew the answer: Tina (eat your food!)


Broga! Plank / Down Dog / Scorpion Dry Docks / Pigeon / Runner’s Lunge

Pre Thang: Kip’s Dark Webb

Since Napoleon’s older brother, Kip, spends most of his time on the web talking to babes in chat rooms, we did the dark webb in his honor. This was a new one for these pax – boy were they in for a treat!

For every 1 Merkin we would do 2 Raise the Roofs, then 2 Merkins and 4 RTR. We went up to 10 Merkins and 20 RTR. Then we did the same for Big Boys and American Hammers, but the Q was gassed, so we only went up to 5 and 10, respectively.

Trivia #2: What did Napoleon give to his prom date as a gift?

A: Yo, VIP, let’s kick it! Vanilla Ice had the correct word to your mother: A drawing (he also threw in the quote about spending about three hours shading her upper lip)

Tha Thang: The Three Man Election Grinder

Three Pax. Two Sides. One election. Lunge between voting booths.




Air Squats



Monkey Humpers 

Big Boys


Sumo Squats

VOTE FOR SUMMER (AMRAP Coupon Exercises)


Goblet Squats

Overhead Press


Chest Press

Kettlebell Swings



Tricep Extensions

We made it almost to the end before we called OMAHA! (gosh!), which was not a minute too soon for Bibs – he looked like he just had roundhouse to the face delivered by Rex wearing American flag pants! Nice work brother!

Trivia #3: Who won the election?

Lots of blank and sweaty faces. But Double Dip expressed support for Pedro and double points were awarded!


30 Seconds Beast Mode / 15 IC Alt. Knee Taps / 30 Plank / 10 Nolan Ryans each side

30 Chilcut / Gator Tails x 5 IC each side


The Coupon Chain was presented from Snidely to Woody for the ladder pushing the former to make it through the grinder – well done!

Nameorama: 17 Pax: Bobsled, Stella, Folsom, Bibs, Woodstock, Caruso (respect x2), E-5 (respect), Woody (respect), Snidley, Black Jack, Jackson Five, Double Dip, Touche, Rambo, Bloodshot, Vanilla Ice, and Gator

COT: Lead a Bruiser Beatdown

Slow Pitch and I had profanity laced discussion at the Whetstone this week about injuries. It’s a lot like the five stages of grief:

denial: “I’m not injured! It’s just a little… ow! Son of a ____!”

anger: “Mother _____!”

bargaining: “I’ll just post only two days a week, hop on one foot, and then I’ll be better?!?”

depression: “I’m never going to be healthy again.”

and acceptance: “Hello, Dr.”

But the real antidote to the bruiser blues, in my experience, is to post as much as you can without setting yourself back by making your injury worse. Our man Bobsled is a great example of navigating this perfectly. So glad to see him getting back at it!

We have Coronado with low impact workouts for high impact men; Catalyst with a walk/ruck option every Wednesday, and Saturdays at Oscar Mike. And there’s always guys that will happily give up their workout to walk or modify with someone any day. But remember that those bruiser Qs get guys out into the gloom when they might otherwise not. It also feels great to do the same workout as everyone else when you’re injured. For a brief moment, you can even forget that you’re hurt.

So, think about leading a bruiser beatdown sometime – post a message on Slack in the bruiser channel and tag @F3OmahaTheBruiser in your preblast. Thank you to all those pax that were there for me when I was injured and continue to support our bruised but not broken pax. Love you guys – gosh!

With Gratitude,


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