Boys Town – Omaha Campus,14100 Crawford St. Boys Town, NE 68010

65 Degrees, warm, humid morning

QIC: Boji

22 PAX: Billboard, Kryptonite, Mother Goose, Grills, Bubbles, Waterboy, Biff, Home Alone, Spicoli, Slipper, LaserJet (Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Cutting Edge (Respect) Pregame, Dexter, Flannigan, Macunudo (Respect), Macanudo (Respect), Canon (Respect), Cadbury, Haboob, Janikowski, Boji.  

This was my first time being the QIC at the original F3 Omaha location.  I arose at 5:15am to head to the site and set up for the 6:00am beatdown.  Upon my arrival at the Campus, I drove around taking in the quiet of the campus in the pre-dawn hours.  I stopped at the practice football field to set up some lights for the beatdown.  As I was heading back to my vehicle to head to the shovel flags, I saw Flannigan out for his own pre-run.  It is always inspirational to me to see HIM accelerating on their own when they think no one is watching.   I drove from the practice field to the shovel flags to greet and visit with the PAX prior to the beatdown.   At 6:00am I welcomed the 21 other PAX members to F3 and the original AO The Oracle.  I recited the mission statement and five core principles:  

Mission Statement: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership:  

  1. We are free of charge
  2. We are open to all men
  3. We are always held outside
  4. We are led in a rotation fashion (today I am the cruise director)
  5. We always end in a circle of trust

I recited our credo: We leave no man behind but leave no man where we found him   I let everyone know that I was not a professional, the exercises we would be doing are simply suggestions and the PAX should feel welcome to modify as needed.

We then moseyed to the greenspace by the church for Warm-O-Rama

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops (IC) 10 Out Loud / 10 in Silence
  • 10 Big Ones (5 seconds on each side)
  • 20 Sun Gods (10 Front and 10 Back)
  • 20 Cherry Pickers (IC)
  • 20 Micheal Phelps (IC)

Upon completion of Warm-O-Rama I let the PAX know that we would be doing everything together as a group so we needed to be very cognizant of the Six.  Pre-Thang: String of Pearls

  • 20 Merkins @ Round-About by shovel flags
  • 20 Squats @ In front on the Field House
  • Once we got to the practice field we ran around the track and stopped and did 5 Burpees 5 different times along the way.

  We used the practice Football Field for “The Thang”

The Thang – Modified Ladder Exercise:

The PAX lined up on the goal line and we did The Thang as a single group. 

20 Merkins on 1 side of field, mosey to 50 yard line and do 15 Air Squats, mosey to other goal line for 19 Big Boys, back to midfield for 15 Air Squats then 18 Merkins on starting goal line.  Rinse and repeat until you get to zero.    When I set up the lights earlier in the morning the sprinkler system was not running.  By the time we started The Thang the sprinkler system was in full force on the far side of the football field.  Some PAX modified their location choice of doing Big Boy’s as a result.   I called Omaha at 6:48am.  We gathered the lights and began our mosey back to the shovel flags for Mary.  

  • Mary
    • 1 Round of American Hammers Rancid Style
  • Name O Rama
  • Announcements
  • Prayer Requests
  • COT

COT: Many of the Omaha schools have already started or will be starting in the upcoming week.  For me, this signifies the unofficial change in seasons from summer to fall.  I used to get nearly depressed as the dog days of summer came to a close.  I am an outdoors person by nature and thought of being stuck inside for the winter season was not something that I looked forward to. Enter F3 into my life.  I have a better appreciation for the changes in seasons and have found an outlet to keep me outside and getting fresh air all year long.  Everything has a season, enjoy them all.   I really appreciated the opportunity to lead this important site and for the PAX that came out to support.   Enjoy Every Season – Boji

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