AO: Futurama – about 57 degrees, a modest wind, with hints of moisture in the air

Q:  Tight Lip

PAX:  Hindsight, Stitches, Brown Bag, Flying V, Hipster, Polaroid, Buns of Steel, Doll Face, Mac-n-Cheese

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles, as well as the motto that we will leave no man behind – and leave no man where we found them (because we are all on the move together).


We’ll get to that, sort of.  We started running.

The Thang

We took a half mile jaunt up and around to the Brownell Talbot entrance along Happy Hollow Blvd.  Stitches being the thoughtful Site-Q that he is, guided a few of the PAX who were not enthusiastic about the would be milage ahead through shortcut to minimize the wear on their bodies.  Stitches would continue this rhythm throughout the rest of the beat down.  At this time I reminded everyone that I am not a professional and that I struggle to fully acknowledge warm-a-rama.  So I led us in 20 SSH, and then asked various PAX to lead us in 20 air squats, 30 second plank, 20 Mericans, 20 alternating shoulder taps, and then we finished with 5 burpees (because this is F3 and we do not shy away from hard things).  We then continued the mosey down HH Blvd and made our way back north along the trail up towards the concert landing.  It was uphill, it kind of sucked.  Once the six was in we proceeded to the pony wall where we got in a Derican position for a 30 second plank, 20 Mericans, 20 alternating shoulder taps, and finished with 5 burpees.  We had almost exactly 1 mile logged at this point.  The instruction was given to bear crawl up the stairs towards the shovel flags.  At this point several of the PAX started to shed layers of clothing due to being warm.  It is that weird time of year where it is cold but its not, but there is also a 8 mph wind that is a factor too – oh and there was rain in the forecast – it was a whole thing.  I don’t know if anyone was thinking the running was actually completed at that point but in my minds eye it was a little enjoyable to know that we were only halfway finished, but I may be getting ahead of myself here…  Anyways, we got to the top of the stairs and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name “Imperial Walkers” so I called out 20 Hill-Billies instead.  We knocked those out, and then we Crawl Beared down the stairs.  I had noticed that Polaroid had been modeling waiting in the plank position until the six was in, and this evolution was no exception – I think it is awesome he does that.  While I was in the plank position I took the time to observe Hipster.  I’ve been around Hipster in the past, but this is the first time I was intentional about observing him since I was the Q of the workout.  Seeing as how Hipster is a member of the triple-Respect club, I can only hope that I too exhibit the same amount of effort and ability when I am of his years.  Once the six was in, which didn’t take long, we made the mosey south towards the pedestrian bridge.  Once near the bridge along Dodge I led us in 20 Monkey Humpers, because it just felt right.  I began to worry about time at his point…  We resumed our routine of a 30 second plank, 20 Mericans, and then completed 5 burpees.  We then split into two running groups with some taking the trail that we just came down back north to the flags while others of us headed toward the western trail that leads to the Ironwood rally point and back around to the shovel flags.  Hindsight came up along side me along the western trail.  He was his usual chatty self, and I wondered if he was even aware of the incline we were on.  I mentioned something about how this hill also sucked, he acknowledged that but also kept the conversation going – it was impressive.  As we approached the circle drive I observed the PAX who had taken the shorter trail back to the flags running lap(s) around the drive.  I was proud to be part of F3 when I saw this.  I told Hindsight that I freakin’ love seeing men work hard to better themselves even when they don’t have to.  Those PAX could’ve just gotten to the top of the hill, put their hands on their knees and waited for the rest of us to get back, but they didn’t.  They put in the work!


While I struggle to acknowledge Warm-a-rama, Mary is something I value.  I had anticipated having about 10 minutes of core work and dusted off one of my core lists (I don’t know if I’m known for my core work yet, but I’m working on building that reputation), but we only had 4 to 6 minutes so the time was a bit abbreviated.  I was reminded that we had missed the alternating shoulder taps at the last stop so we knocked out 20 of those and then I led us in 20 flutter kicks, 15 WWI sit ups, 20 heels to heaven, 20 LBCs, 8 left legged Freddy’s followed by 8 more on the right, and we finished with 20 good’ol fashioned leg levers.  Omaha was called – or at least implied.

Prayers and Announcements

Polaroid asked for prayer as his brother’s wife was scheduled for a C-Section about an hour from that moment.  I mentioned a co-worker that is navigating a new cancer diagnosis.  We also prayed over marriages and those experiencing divorce.


My COT is a simple phrase that was introduced to me a few years ago that was paradigm expanding to me.  Ideas do not need to be in competition with each other.  It seems simple enough, and it really is, but sometimes realizing that is tough.  We don’t seem well conditioned in our current culture to not seek victory.  But we don’t need to always be on the winning side.  Not being on the victor’s side doesn’t mean that you’ve lost either.  Sometimes an idea just is.


Tight Lip

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