Rainy morning at F3 Omaha’s Brickyard. 20 HIMs including one FNG, Mapquest.

Warm up, Thang 1: 7s with Cinderblock burpees (Blockies, a la @Rooney) and starjumps.

Thang 2: Cinderblock rock your bodies (5 sets of 10) with alternating Peoples Chair and BTTW).

Thang 3: suicide Sprints with 5 reps of cinderblock press. Mary, where I learned the joys of Marge to Homers and O-yeahs from Otown.

Then COT and Coffeeteria. Highly recommend posting outside your region if you’ve never done it before. @Hello Kitty & @Liverpool: you’re both legends in F3 Omaha. Big thx to Double Dip and Bobsled for letting me Q.

Boss hog, Beta max, Smash mouth, KOA, Amadeus, Asian Zing, Gunner, Bloodshot, Bobsled, Space bar, Mortar, Stella, Folsom, Woody, Predator, Chernobyl, Double Dip, Fun Dip, Mapquest, Egon

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