“Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”

Date: March 8th, 2023

PAX:  Truly, Schrute, Chucky, Plague, Stripes, Mr. Deeds, Cataracts, DaKine, Steeple, Low Flow, Spring Break, Tea Party, Barn Door, Hei Hei, Bouncer, Backcountry, Farva

FNGs: None

Pre-Run: Truly, Schrute, Plague, Low Flow, Barn Door, Pantyhose, Farva

AO: The Catalyst

Q: Farva (Beans)

Conditions: Cloudy, 37 degrees F, Feels like 33 degrees F, Humidity 86%, Wind 5.1 mph from ENE.

At 5:15, YHC welcomed the PAX to the Catalyst and recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. The exercises are simply a suggestion. 

Warmarama: No warmarama…. we got right to business.

Pre-Thang: Nope…. see above.


          YHC decided to change things up and take the PAX on a different route, an improvisation if you will. The group would head straight north on the beautiful wide and new sidewalks on the eastside of 180th street. The PAX adapted fine and either turned around at Maple St, Grand Ave, or Fort St, depending on your individual pace. We all overcame this slight change in plans and most HIM ended up between 4 and 6 miles.




          See above for PAX present

Announcements and Prayers:

          – Spring Break and his M for an upcoming surgery

          – Laser Jet and those battling injuries

          – 3rd F opportunities (check slack)

          – 5 year anniversary events forthcoming

          – Halfway House on March 26th (Catamount adjacent)

Nugent Flag pass from Schrute to Low Flow

-Two HIM I love and respect…. great moment.


We must be prepared for when things do not go as planned or how they usually happen. Sometimes these incidents are the ones that lead us to our biggest growth as men and leaders. When things do not go as planned, see it as an opportunity to lead and overcome it. I promise that you will look back at it as a positive moment.

Prayer – Farva

10-7, EOT


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