Trident AO June 20, 2023: We have had some great weather mornings lately and
this was no exception, right around 70 degrees with plenty of humidity at 5:30 am
Disclaimer/Motto/Core Principles were all addressed, one FNG (Alex who ended
up with the nickname Break Room) Alex is Q-Tips son and coming this morning
was his father’s day present to him. I can’t think of a much better gift than to
have your son workout in the gloom with you. I have been talking to Q-Tip quite a
bit about his son joining F3 and he has always told me that he is more of a runner.
I was super happy to see Alex join us this morning. Q-Tip was a little concerned
about the nickname that Alex would get from the group and I assured him that he
would get a good nickname and he did. Welcome Break Room!
PAX (20 total): Kielbasa, Barbershop, Sputnik, Q-Tip (R/R), Speed Bump, Flowers,
Space Bar, Almost Famous, Scoober, Skipper, Mother Goose, FNG/Alex, Super
Tasty, Oompa, Doppler, Rain Man, Swiper, Canadian Bacon (R/R), Road House,
and Hoser
Q: Wentworth
Warm-O-Rama: Ran around the Tipsy Pig to the back parking lot for a little warm
o rama
High Knees, Butt Kickers, Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Down and Up Dog, and
some SSH’s
The Thang: Numbered off into 4 groups and explained the logic behind the
madness (Group 1 is the push group and everyone will do the 55 # DB Farmer’s
Carry while the rest of the group will do the following exercises)
1) 55 # Farmer’s Carry / Band Pull Aparts / 15 # DB Shoulder Press / 15 #
DB Upright Rows / Alternating should taps (then run to group 2 and stop in the
grass for 10 of any core exercise)
2) 80 # Sandbag Squats 10-20 and then switch off / Group does the
following AMRAP: Monkey Humpers / Bobby Hurley’s / Lunges / Apollo Ono’s
(movement of high knees or butt kickers to group 3)
3) Coupon Curls and then rotate into the group of: CDD’s / Cherry
Pickers / Merkins / Overhead Claps AMRAP (then run to group 4 and stop in the
grass for 10 of any core exercise)

4) 60 # Sandbag Burpees throw SB overhead and then turn and do
another burpee for count of 5 / AMRAP SSH’s / Mtn. Climbers / Crab Cakes / Plank
Jacks (Bear Crawl or Super Mario to group 1)
Definitely some mumblechatter with the sandbags and the 55 # DB’s for the
Farmer’s Carry. My wife always laughs when I am too sore to help her carry in the
groceries after doing a hard workout. I do help, but I also make a few dad sounds
in the process as I do when I sit down and get up. I think I might have overdone it
with this workout and the heavy equipment. I could see the back of the car
dragging as I drove to the workout this morning.
6MOM: Rancid style Hammers
Announcements and Prayers: Heartland Hope opportunity this Saturday, June
24 th , Freed to Bleed on Friday, June 30 th , still spots available to sign up and some
prayer requests for Pete and Dan and other family members who are going
through some surgeries and need prayers for healing and recovery
COT: Quote from “Uncommon” by Tony Dungy which we are reading for our
Thursday book club, “Success is uncommon and not to be enjoyed by the
common man. I’m looking for uncommon people because we want to be
successful, not average.” I spoke about the book and also about what it means to
be Uncommon and to do hard things together with your brothers in the gloom.
We are preparing ourselves for the hard things in life by doing the hard things like
this workout first thing in the morning together. If you are struggling right now,
please reach out to another guy in this circle. If you haven’t seen someone in a
while or if someone is just not acting like themselves, shoot them a text and touch
base with them. We all need each other here in order to become better men.
Thank you for the opportunity to lead this awesome group of men this morning!
Wentworth ended in prayer

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