A crisp but beautiful morning about 30 Degrees with a gentle breeze.

Q: Canadian Bacon

PAX: Speed Bump, Greenhouse, Old MacDonald, Lincoln Log (Respect, Respect), Bogey, Macanudo (Respect), Hei Hei, Beaver, Smelly Cat, Merch, Tea Party, Cradle, Short Sale, Da Fridge, Thor, Steeple, Cataracts, Vespa (Respect), FNG Blaine, Slow Clap, Boji, YHC Canadian Bacon (Respect x2) ,Yodel

I arrived on site, passing by the lights of the prerun and ruck crowd. Heard the joyous voices of ruckers wandering aboot…. The marker lights were laid out for the festivities.

Unanimously, the gathering mumblechatter was focused on the coming warmer weather.

5:30am- PAX greetings, introductions, salutations, core principals, mission statement, disclaimers.

Soon to be F3 Crop Duster, FNG “Blaine” took today’s opportunity to change his life.

PAX began at flags with WOR: Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Windmills and Side Staddle Hops

The PAX then moseyed about 150 yds to a soccer field . 

Pre Thang. We split into groups of 4 to begin a Merkins, Big Boys, approx. 25 yd Bear Crawl and Bobby Orr grinder. Teams ran and did ground exercises in pairs for enhanced discourse.

The Thang : The pax were divided into three teams. 

One team worked at a station on a small set of bleachers for Dips, Derkins and Step Ups, another team did a Coupon Pass Team Wall Sit, the third team a winding mosey back and forth between the two. Zero counting, maximum mumblechatter!

At 6:06 Omaha was called and the PAX moseyed back toward the flags. Mary was made on the parking lot near the flags. Flutter kicks and box cutters were requested.

FNG Blaine was named “Crop Duster” due to his work in crop science.

Announcements: Several great 3rd F opportunities, the upcoming 5th anniversary convergence and upcoming Oscar Mike location.A new coffee site!

Prayers: Swiper’s family. Fridge’s happy expectant friends.

COT: Denis McClement. As my late father-in-law, I’m grateful daily for the job Denis did as a dad. 4/7 was the fifth anniversary of his passing. He raised a grounded, confident and loving daughter. We can too often overlook the huge effect dads have on their daughters. Be intentional. It matters!

YHC Canadian Bacon


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