Back Blast – November 08, 2023, Paradise Island Beatdown – SpeedBump Q
AO: Paradise Island
Conditions: 5:15am temps were in upper 40’s, approx. 48 degrees. Brisk cool morning with
slight winds. Perfect for string of pearls
22 PAX and YHC – Stella, Swinger, Sparty, HindSight, HighHat, TC, Tight Lip, Low Flow, Tom Tom,
E 85, Eat More Chicken, Lil House, Vandelay, Samples, Back Country, Break Room, Farva, Buns
of Steel, Mayday, ReTweet, Honey Stinger, ArmBar(Brah) and Speed Bump -Q
F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
The Mission Statement
5 Core Principles
The Credo
Disclaimers were presented
No FNG’s, but we did have one down range guy. Eat More Chicken from KC.
WOR – was short, but wanted to stretch the legs quickly before we took of for String O Pearls
10 SSH
10 Cherry Pickers IC
Toe Touches – 10 Count x2
10 Bent Over Michael Phelps
String of Pearls with 5 planned stops. At each of the 5 stops we would complete the following
exercises. Pax members lead the exercises after being called upon by YHC.
15-Monkey Humpers IC
10- V Ups
Stop 1 Regency Lakeside Apartments South Parking Lot
Stop 2 450 Building on Regency Parkway Parking Lot
Stop 3 Top of Hill on Westchester Dr
Stop 4 Top of Hill on Harney Parkway South
Stop 5 Bottom of Hill on Harney Parkway South
Returned to Flags.
Got in 3+ miles and some Arms, Legs, and Core in today.
Announcements & Prayers
-Thankful Trot coming up Nov 11/23, order sheet is available to help support the schools we use
for beatdowns – check out more details on slack
-Nov 18 F# is scheduled to help Heartland Hope South O Pantry serve from 9am-1pm more
details on 3 rd F Calendar
-Frosty sent along Prayer request for his friend Rich going to AR to help family going into
hospice care
-Jan 4-6 Griswold IA Impact Retreat. Sign up. More info on Slack

-Prayers for Samples parents that they get the help they need – Gene and Judy

Today my COT is something that has been on heart recently. It is a short reflection on an area in
my life I am trying to make improvement in. Specifically, a reflection on my selfishness and
selfish behavior toward my M. I recently discovered/was made aware that I have had blinders
to some of the thoughts/feelings/needs of my M.
This only came to light after a recent text exchange with her. 
About two weeks ago I asked my M about going to the F3 Impact retreat. Thinking I would get
the green light to accelerate in my faith journey with this group of men, I was caught off guard
with my M’s response.
The exchange went like this -After sending her a screen shot of Retreat details and some of the
highlights of why I thought this would be a good thing for me, I asked “should I do this F3 Men’s
retreat in early January?  I explained additionally how it could work nicely in our schedule and
that I could leave for retreat site late Thurs and I would be back home early Saturday. Can we
talk about this?”
M’s response:
“Can we look at options to strengthen each other and our marriage? Instead of you
My response:
“Yes – What/where would we find options for that?”
M’s response:
“I’m at work right now. I would have no idea. Just don’t think it feels right how much effort you
focus on just yourself.”
This exchange definitely caught me by surprise.  I didn’t realize my own selfishness.  I was busy
working on improving myself within F3.  Didn’t realize how much time I was just focusing on
just me.
I ignored any concerns my M had to improve our relationship or attempt to make
improvements in our marriage. 
This was a good reminder for me that now is good time to refocus my thinking and be more
empathetic to her feelings.
In my recent reflection after processing my M’s text message, I couldn’t deny I have been pretty
self-centered as of late.
A few examples in each F:
-Fitness-wise I have been worried only about ME and getting myself ready for GoodLife Halfsie.
Been less engaged in Pre-runs and beatdowns with brothers in F3.
-Fellowship-wise I have neglected to put necessary focus on the most important relationship I
have in my life.  My relationship with my M.  Frankly, I have taken her for granted lately.  Often
overlooking any of her need or request.
-Faith-wise I failed to deliver on my own personal commitment/goal to myself to help at

Heartland Hope sorting event at end of Oct. I had this event circled on my calendar as
opportunity for my M and 2.0 to join me with in 3 rd F event.
I encourage you to do some self-reflection of your own this week.  Maybe you will find you are
making some of the similar self-centered decisions that I have lately.
As we come up on the season of Thanksgiving.  Are you giving enough of yourself to the things
that mean the most in your life?

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