Respect Pop Up AO | Thursday, May 25, 2023| Burke High School | 5:30 AM | 65 degrees 

PAX:      Khakis, Chiclets, TC, Wait Time, Caruso, Woody, Predator, Lincoln Log, Slow Clap, Brown Trout, Canadian Bacon, Paddles, Tin Cup, Vlasic, Q-Tip

QIC: Q-Tip

Promptly at 5:30 AM, YHC welcomed the PAX, recited the Mission, Core Principals, Disclaimer and Credo.  No FNGs today.


We moseyed inside the gates to the end zone.

SSH x 15 IC| Michael Phelps x 15 IC| Tappy Taps x 10 IC | Hurdle Stretches 


Formed 4 man teams that stayed together during the Thang.

Perform 50 reps of the first exercises and then run a lap

Perform 50 reps of the second exercise and then run a ;ap

Continue on until Omaha is called

The Exercises:

  1. Hand Release Merkins
  2. Lunges
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Alt Shoulder Taps—IC
  5. Air Squats
  6. Werkins
  7. Mountain Climbers
  8. Bobby Hurleys
  9. Groiners
  10. Chillcut Plank (50 second count

Omaha was called at 6:03 AM. 


10reps of some hybrid core exercise invented by TC on the fly

15 LBCs IC

15 American Hammers Rancid Style



  Brick Builder on June 3

Oscar Mike Saturday is at Flanagan Lake.


Mr. Miyagi’s wife/Lincoln Log’s daughter having surgery

Pete Steffensmeier recovery

Rich with Stage 4 cancer


We are entering Memorial Day weekend.  My parents have been passed away for several years, but this weekend always makes me think of them, as they were both veterans of WWII.

My Dad was a Corporal in Europe.  He held the distinction of being promoted to Corporal 3 different times—and demoted twice because he was a smart ass to the Sergeants.  They had to keep promoting him back to Corporal, because he was the only soldier in the company who could type, and he had memorized the SSNs of every member of the Company and could complete the Payroll efficiently.

My Mom was a Nurse (First Lieutenant) who begged her parents to let her join the Army so she could serve.  She sailed for Europe on Christmas Eve on the Queen Elizabeth and served 3 years.  She was in Europe during D-Day, and witnessed many horrific scenes

There were so many soldiers who died in WWII and never had the chance to return home to raise families and to live their lives.  This weekend, lets remember those soldiers who dies to protect our freedom.  

We finished with a prayer.


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