Backblast – Paradise Flag Pass
62 degrees – 85% humidity – perfect conditions
PAX : (50): Lansbury, Toadstool, Grillz, Oil Can, Frosty (respect), Slow Pitch, Icy Hot, Biff, Farva, Ooopa, Tom Tom, Hoostaf, Honey Maid, Cutting Edge, Arm Bar, Brazilian, Skipper, Swiper, Cosmo, Vandelay (respect), Tin Cup (respect), Q Tip (respect 2x), Invictus, Hindsight, Stella, Tater Tot, Safe Ride, Samples (respect), Greasefire, My Pleasure, Sven, Tony the Tiger, Khakis (respect), FDIC, Dirty Bird, Saul, Good Looking, Low Flow, Scoober, Sweet Roll, High Hat, Stranglehold, Plague, Laser Jet, Saul, Boss Hog, Pusher (down range), Stapler, Penny Marshall

Q’s : Retweet (respect)/Tight Lip

I arrived at 5:00 am to enjoy the morning. I had a fair night of sleep and was excited for the day. The parking lot was full of cars for pre-runners. Tight Lip greeted me in the parking lot and we shared the moment and expressed thanks to each other.

At 5:15 am, we welcomed the grizzled group of PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs and reminded them to modify as needed. I announced that today was special day for the flag pass and as it was Tight Lip’s 1 year anniversary. I also thanked FDIC for always making sure that someone was there to bring up the 6.
We proceeded to a brief warmup consisting of SSH, Big Ones, hamstring stretching and down dog.
Tight Lip then took over and we headed south on the trail.
First stop was along the big retaining wall: Chicken Peckers led by Plague, Merkins led by Slow Pitch.
We continued to Towl Park: Squats and Monkey Humpers led by Tightlip, Burpees led by Plague.
Back along the trail to the north and up the hill towards Pacific Street. We stopped at the bottom of the hill where we performed Flutter Kicks, E2K, LPCs and heel touches by all the former site Qs. (Plague, Slow Pitch, Icy Hot and Retweet.
We then turned and ran up the hill, turned left and returned to the flags and gathered in front of Andres.

● Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack
● Tons of shoes collected by Frosty

COT: I wanted to thank several important members of F3
Wait- Time for his vision and tenacity in bringing F3 to Omaha. Because of him we are better men, fathers, husbands, friends and members of the community!!
Tater Tot has taken something that was really good and make it great. How do you post at every site every day?! His smile is the best.
Plague for planting the Paradise flag, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch, and Icy Hot for being site Qs and choosing me to lead. It has been an honor!
All the Paradise regulars and those that have Q’d.

I met Tight Lip early in his time with F3. I got out of my car in early October and Tight Lip (who I believed I had met for the first time the week before), asked me if my last name was Jacobi? He then asked if I was related to Dr. Jacobi? When I told him yes – he then told me that my wife saved his wife’s life. She was having a medical emergency and my wife as the on call doctor performed surgery. His wife is doing great and they now have 2 wonderful kids. I told my wife about this that night and she paused and said – that was a tricky one! I hadn’t thought about who was going to be the next Q at Paradise but I was driving home that day and realized that I had found the next Paradise leader. Since day 1, he has been an outstanding HIM and I know others looked at him as a future site Q as well. He will be a great leader not only at Paradise but within all of F3.

Tight Lip proceeded to discuss the heritage of Paradise Island, and how he knows that it is a special AO to many PAX. There was a specific mention about a HIM that shows up not feeling like they are a runner, but how Paradise Island is a place where a man can become one. He also mentioned the significance of Q-Source, and how it impacts F3’s mission of male community leadership by empowering men from the discussions that take place during that time.

6:08: Prayer – lead by Tightlip
What a great day!
Aye! Retweet and Tight Lip

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