Stinson Park AO | calm and 50deg

PAX: Woody (R), Caruso (RR), Sandy Cheeks (H), Snidley, DaVinci (RRR), Swinger, Folsom, Space Bar, Demogorgon, Wentworth, Doll Face (R), Hooah (R), Bob Sled, Yellow Snow.

Q: Bloodshot

After stating F3’s mission and 5 core principles PAX moseyed to the stage for warmarama.


Sungods x 10 each

Windmills x 15

Tappy taps x 15

Big Ones x 15

The Thang

PAX circled up and a new exercise was added along with increased reps. 1 manmaker; the 2 thrusters and 1 manmaker; then 3 Arnold presses, 2 Thrusters, 1 manmaker…and so on. Each PAX was given their excercise to lead just like in the 12 days of Christmas carol.

1. Manmaker IC (merkin,row,row, deadlift)

2. Thrusters

3. Arnold press

4. Upright Rows

5. Big boy sit-ups

6. Kettle ball swings

7. Chest press

8. Bent over Row

9. Goblet squats

10. Chillcut / dying cyclones IC

11. Curls

12. Deadlift

13. Tricep extension

14. Hammer curls

15. Alternating Side lunge IC

We pushed the time to the limit but got it all done. In the process we found out that they add up and could have used a few more 10 count breaks.

COT: I shared with the PAX that one of my favorite parts of F3 is the “I’ll do it if you do it” mentality. It’s provided the right push to really lean into the group.


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