Friday, July 19, 2019 | The Golden Spike | Burke HS Stadium | 82 degrees (feels like 88) Sunny and Soupy

PAX: Hard Hat, Gunner, Crab Cakes, Beef Cake, Borland, Kielbasa, FDIC, Vandelay, Pablo, Novocaine, Wait Time, Honey Badger, Dufresne, Selleck, Slow Roast, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Tonight Show, CSI and Khakis.
QIC: Khakis

Khakis welcomed the PAX to the Golden Spike. Briefly covered the disclaimer and F3 purpose before leading the PAX into Burke Stadium.

Warm-A-Rama: None (The first curve ball thrown at the PAX)

THANG: Fiddy Hard Line, Two-Man Grinder

PAX partnered up for a two-man grinder. Partner A completed these exercises (AMRAP):
LBCs | Shoulder Taps | Freddie Mercury | Burpee Jacks | Flutter Kicks | Mountain Climbers | Cherry Pickers | Plank | Sun Gods | Hammer Time

Partner B started by running half a lap around the Burke HS Track. When Partner B completed the run, the partners flapjacked. This run was alternated with a stair climb in the stadium bleachers.

LBC x 20 IC | Flutter Kicks x 20 IC (hold legs in position x 20 sec)| American Hammers x 10 IC

The PIT launches tomorrow, Saturday July 20 in Papillion’s Halleck Park. Come out and support Plague.
Children’s Square. We continue to collect donation items for Children’s Square. PAX can bring any item to a workout during the month of July. The Site Q, Lemon Law or Folsom will collect for the shelter. Items needed: art supplies, outdoor toys and activities, bike helmets, house slippers, socks, travel size hygiene supplies, flip flops, playing cards, school supplies, journals, reusable water bottles, girls/women’s sports bras.

Honey Brothers’ Mom. Prayers of praise for Honey Brothers’ mom completing chemo and radiation treatment!
Wait Time’s Mother In Law. Wait Time’s mother in law started radiation treatment today for her lung cancer.
FDIC’s M. Prayers for FDIC’s M, who is suffering from migraines.
TC. TC is on the DL, so prayers for speedy recovery.

Khakis shared a message about life’s curve balls. Last night, he was thrown a curve ball when TC reached out to ask him to cover the Golden Spike QIC. Khakis wished TC a speedy recovery and adapted his evening to the curve ball he was thrown. Khakis encouraged the PAX to be ready for all pitches in life. Many great baseball players can hit a 95 MPH fastball but the major leaguers who have a long career can hit the nasty slider and the curveball. We don’t get to choose the pitches that are thrown to us in life! F3 better prepares men for the curve balls that are thrown in life.

– Khakis

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