5/16/19 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park  | 70 Degrees

PAX: Safe Ride, Khakis (Respect!), Selleck, The Plague, Cyclone (Respect!), TC (Respect!), Tatar Tot, Twin Peaks, Caesar (Hate!), Andrew Bergmann-FNG (Poligrip – Hate!), Flipper, Blue Suede

Q: Bubbles (Hate!)

Bubbles welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.


The PAX moseyed to the flagpole to start warm-a-rama.

SSH x 25 IC

Chinook Squats x 10 IC each way

Seal Jacks x 15 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

Step Ups x 20 IC

The PAX then moseyed to the bottom of the big hill in memorial park.


The PAX gathered at the bottom of the hill and were instructed that they would be doing 20 merkins on the Q’s down and then 5 burpees OYO. After completion of the merkins and burpees, the PAX partnered up. The PAX were told that they were going to do a partner carry up the hill until they get to the tree at the halfway point (about 150 yards). PAX were told to switch with their partner at least twice so each person could get their fair share of the extra weight. Once you and your partner make it to the tree, you will then push your partner up the rest of the hill. (about 150 yards). PAX were instructed to switch with their partners at the halfway mark.

At this point in time is when I realized that partnering up with Khakis might have been a bad idea. For those of you that don’t know, Khakis played football in college, and as I was pushing him, I figured out quickly that Khakis was not going to let me push him easily, I felt like I was going nowhere. When Khakis and I switched, he got real low, planted his hands against my chest, dug his feet in, and threw me back like a practice dummy. Respect Khakis, respect.

Once at the top of the hill, the PAX planked to the 6 and took a 10 count. The PAX then moseyed to the top of the stairs.


The PAX formed groups of four and were given the instructions. Two men from your group would run around the monument while the other two men performed the exercise.

Group 1 – Run around the monument

Group 2 – While group 1 was running group 2 did the following

  • Odd Rounds – 8 burpees + 12 air squats
  • Even Rounds – 20 squerkins, switch positions at 10
    • Squerkin (Two man teams. First man in merkin position with second man behind holding first man’s legs at his waist. First man does on merkin with his legs elevated. Second man performs one squat using the body weight of the first man’s legs).
  • Rinse and Repeat

During lap one of the run, the Q modified the length of the run, by cutting it in half. The Q realized that the original run was too long and the transition between groups needed to be faster. The PAX made it through 5 rotations of the THANG.

6 MoM:

Box Cutters x 15 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Flutter Kick x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC (Led by The Plague)


Bubbles introduced everyone to Bruce Macalister, and pointed his name out on one of the plaques on the WWII memorial. Capt. Macalister had a big impact on the lives of Bubbles and Tater Tot, as well as, many other in this world. Capt. Macalister was the first husband of Ardith Hardlannert, the grandmother of Bubbles and Tater Tot. Bruce died one day before WWII ended. Bruce died protecting his men. In an article read by Bubbles, it described Bruce as a man who always said, “follow me”, never “get going”. Bubbles related this to his life and others by saying that it is important to know where you came from, it is important to know your past, and what might have happened in the past could shape the future. Because Capt. Macalister died in WWII, Ardith was able to meet and eventually marry, Bob Vickery, Bubbles and Tater Tot’s grandfather. The sacrifice that Bruce made in WWII paved the way for the future of the Vickery and Rider families. We owe a lot to the past, and must respect it, and let it carry us into the future.


  • CSAUP – To take place on Sunday, May 19th
  • Pray for possible F3 expansion sites

The Plague closed us out in prayer

Love you all,


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