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PAX: Tea Party, Da Kine, Bogey, Da Fridge, Yodel, Motor Boat, Hei Hei, Chowda, Longneck, Home Alone, SmellyCat, Steeple, Finger Paint, Crip and Rip, Little House Cutting Edge, Laser Jet, JumpStreet, T.Swift

Count: 19

Skipped the beginning because T.Swift always forgets something and I didn’t even want to mess with it.  Helps that we had no FGs.  Also made the greatest pop/punk playlist for CheapSeats but he skipped my Q to go to some guy named Vandelay.  Never heard of him but heard he has a great ab workout.  Anyway, back to the backblast…

Mission Statement – to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

5 Core Principles:

1.​Open to all men

2.​Free of cost

3.​Always outside

4.​Led in a rotating fashion

5.​Always end in a circle of trust

Credo – Leave No Man Behind, Leave No Man Where We Found Him

Disclaimer – We are not professionals, so modify as needed.

Warmarama – Jogging TANK Trivia, lap around the parking lot – HANDS IN THE AIR WHILE JOGGING. Correct Answers = 10 side straddle hops. Wrong Answers = 5 burpees

1. What was the name of the famous USA WWII Tank?  *Sherman*

2. What’s the tough German WWII Tank?  *Tiger* Bonus = German translation of Tank?  *Panzer*

3. What year were modern tanks invented? Can be within 2 years!  *September 6th, 1915*

4. Who had written the first plans of the original tank? *Da Vinci, 1487*

5. What’s the name of Patton’s division that he commanded?  *2nd Armored Brigade or 2nd Armored Division*

6. What are the wheels of the tanks called?  *Treads*

7. What’s the name of the German anti-tank weapon in WWII?  *Panzerfaust* (bazooka)

8. What famous Tank movie starred Brad Pitt?  *Fury*

9. What classic Tank movie starred Clink Eastwood and Donald Sutherland? *Kelly’s Heroes*

10. What’s the name of the WWII floating tanks?  *DD Tanks or Donald Duck Tanks*

THE THANG: Soccer Goal Beatdown

Partner Quick bursts (almost sprint) to next soccer goal –– increase by 2 each goal. Lots of MUMBLECHATTER!

1. Burpees

2. Squat Jumps

3. Tempo Merkins

Plank Thang – 5 More Minutes Song 

MARY – American Hammers

F3 – “5 More Minutes”

Since country music is in T.Swift’s soul, no better country artist other than Scotty McCreery to focus the COT on.  His song “5 More Minutes” hits the inner core of the heart.  Throughout the song he talks about wanting ‘5 More Minutes’ throughout his life.  Starts as a kid asking his parents to stay outside to play for ‘5 More Minutes’, then proceeds throughout life asking for ‘5 More Minutes’ when he’s dropping off a date and standing on the porch.  Then about high school football, which gets the goosebumps going because Friday Night Lights are beautiful, even if yasat the bench like Hei Hei and myself.  The next phase talks his grandpa in the hospital, which gets the emotions going.  His grandpa, while laying on the hospital bed, says that, “there were angels in the room” and he knew he was soon passing away.  The ‘5 More Minutes’ focused on asking for ‘5 More Minutes’ with his grandpa, which is something I personally wish I could have now.  It’s been over 20 years since he’d passed away, but I would love ‘5 More Minutes’ for him to meet my wife and children…which is where the ‘5 More Minutes’ comes to life.  We often look at the ‘5 More Minutes’ in a negative way (guilty I am)… like when I can’t wait for the kids’ bedtime which is 5 minutes away.  So many times in life we need to look at those 5 minutes and appreciate them and take advantage of them.  We’ll eventually miss those times where we were reading to our young kids, rocking our babies to sleep, or playing dolls with our girls.  Take those ‘5 More Minutes’ because those chances are flying by and we don’t want to look back at life and think, “damn, should’ve taken ‘5 More Minutes’.” Love you all, @F3Omaha 

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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