Feb. 21, 2023 / Gross High School 7700 S. 43rd St, Bellevue NE / Temp: 25 Clear / Wind: 5mph
PAX: 10 Farva, Korver, Razzle Dazzle, Black Tuesday, Stranglehold, Baby Shark, Schrute, Busser, Animal
House, Low Flow
Pre Runners: Farva, Schrute, Stranglehold, Busser, Animal House, Low Flow
QIC: Low Flow
I welcomed the PAX of F3 Omaha to The Cathouse. F3 stands for Fitness, Faith and Fellowship, the 5
core principles: always free, open to all men, always outside, pier lead in a rotating fashion and ends in a
circle of trust. The mission statement was recited and then I announced that I am not a professional and
to modify as necessary.
FNG: 0
From the flags the PAX headed to the intersection of Bernadette st. and S 45th Ave. We circled up and
completed (14) S.S. Hops, (10) Tappy Taps, (10) Forward Sun Gods & (10) Reverse Sun Gods, (10) Big
Ones and (16) S.S. Hops
The Pre Thang: N/A “all business today”
The Thang: 2 team Grinder
We split into two teams of five. One team would run up Bernadette St. hill “IT IS NO JOKE” to the cones
at the top and do (5) Burpee’s then head back down while the other team would do the exercises on the
sheet which were:
(20) – Merkin’s , (20)- LBC’s IC, (20)- Ranger Merkin’s, (20)- Big Boy’s, (20)- Werkin’s, (20)- Flutter Kick’s
IC, (20)- Diamond Merkin’s, (20)- Alt. Heel Touches IC, (20)- Alt. Shoulder Taps IC, (5)- Navy Seal Burpee’s
Omaha was called @ 5:53 and we headed back to the flags for M.O.M.
MOM: (10) Sarpy Slammers
Announcements: Halfway House Sunday!
Prayers: Ellenberger family “Yogi and Rowdy”, Anderson family “Pit Stop”
COT: I talked about how leaders are not necessarily the person on the Q that day or the person at work
with a certain title, but a leader is also someone that consistently shows up and puts their head down
and puts in the work. This can be applied for workouts and at the workplace. A leader is also the guy at
home that is putting his M and kids first while setting the example for friends. A leader does not have to
be in charge or be the loudest, a leader is also the guy quietly doing the right things while he thinks no
one is watching.
I asked Schrute took us out in prayer.
AYE, Low Flow

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