Wednesday, May 24, 2023

F3 Omaha, Beverly Hills AO: Flag Pass to Sputnik

Hanscom Park Pavilion

61°F, 4mph wind

23 PAX: Slow Pitch, U-Haul, Side Dish, Buns of Steel, Big One, Road House, The Plague, Kielbasa, Othello, Tater Tot, Khakis, E-85, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid, Diddy, Animal, Good Lookin’, Joe Buck, Gunner, Frosty, No Cry, Rancid, Sputnik

QIC: Rancid (Former Site Q)


F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

It is the mission of F3 to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 5 Core Principles. Introduction and disclaimer. No FNGs. 

Mosey west uphill to circle drive at Center St


20 IC – Sun Gods

15 IC – Mountain Climbers

10 IC – Don Quixote

15 IC – Copper Head Squats

15 IC – High Knees

15 IC – Monkey Humpers

15 IC – Pickle Pushers

20 IC – Oh, Yeah!

Mosey to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Schoolyard



  1. Smurph Jacks
  2. Lunges
  3. Merkins
  4. LBCs 
  5. Mtn Climbers 
  6. Freddie Mercury
  7. Arm Raises
  8. Squats
  9. Monkey Humpers
  10. Imperial Walkers

PAX line up at one end

100 reps of each exercise (1=1, no cadence)

Person who finishes first hollers “100!”

No repeats, Honor’s system

Rinse & Repeat thru all 10 exercises

Mosey to the amphitheater 



   “Beverly Hills” by Weezer

AMRAP per Q called each ½ minute change

    Step Ups

    Imperial Walkers


    Bonnie Blairs

    Bobby Hurleys

    Side Straddle Hops

    High Knees

   on “BEVERLY HILLS” drop for one Burpee    

      then return to AMRAP per Q

          (~17x Burpees total)

Mosey to the Shovel Flags


23 PAX IC – American Hammers (Rancid-Style)


Name-O-Rama. Announcements. Prayers.


This past year has been filled with change. Maybe you’ll have felt it, maybe you haven’t, but I can tell you that my life as it stands now is so different than one year ago today.

The love that you all have shown to this site, Beverly Hills, cannot be overstated. I was just the messenger. You took the message and spread it like wildfire. 

East Side Pride goes deep, and any man who has ever posted to Beverly Hills is an honorary member. F3 Omaha is bigger than just one man, one site. As our friend Patton reminded us earlier this month, F3 Omaha is ONE. 

A Site is not a Site without the men who attend. So keep showing up. And remember, because you showed up, Beverly Hills is YOUR AO!!!

And perhaps no other man showed up harder, faster, and with more love than the man who will receive the flag today. He saved my butt more than once, and he is a person I genuinely love and look forward to seeing every time I work out. With that, I leave Beverly Hills in the capable and motivating hands of our newest Site Q, Sputnik. 

Congratulations to this High Impact Man and friend! 

Until then….




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