F3 and the Top 10%

August 30th, 2023 5:15 AM | The Danger Zone | Papillion South High School | 63 degrees, clear, no wind, full moon

Q: Ray Ban

FNGs: 1

PAX (20): Uncle Jesse, Black Tuesday, Longboard, Switchfoot, Rooney, Dozer, Slapshot, Baby Shark, Simmons, Levy, Do It, Jean Claude, Sphinx, Shrute, Beans, Ear Tag, Red Ranger, Stoysich (FNG), Korver, Q Ray Ban

Ray Ban welcomed the PAX at 5:15 am.

F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Its mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.  We have 5 core principles: 1) Free of charge, 2) Open to all men, 3) Always held outside, 4) Led in a rotating fashion, 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust.  Our credo to leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.  Disclaimer that I am not a professional so modify as necessary.

Warm-O-Rama at the shovel flags:

  • Side-Straddle Hops 15 IC
  • Sungods 10 forward / 10 reverse
  • Tappy-taps 15 IC
  • Big ones 10 IC
  • Mosey around the track to the hill for the Pre Thang


Partner up, one up the hill, other stays at the bottom

  • Rounds 1 & 3: Bernie Sanders up the hill and mosey down while partner does flutter kicks until you return. Switch with partner
  • Rounds 2 & 4: Bear Crawl up the hill and mosey down while partner performs Monkey Humpers until you return. Switch with partner

Thang: 7 of Diamonds Beatdown

Divide into 4 groups.  Stations at each front corner of the goal line on the football field.  Each exercise starts at 7 reps and increases by 7 each round.  After 28 reps, decrease by 7 each time

  • Station 1: Burpees- 7, 14, 21, 28, 21
  • Station 2: Big Boys- 7, 14, 21, 28, 21
  • Station 3: Merkins – 7, 14, 21, 28, 21
  • Station 4: Air Squats- 7, 14, 21, 28, 21

We got in 4+ rounds, the burpee station was by far everyone’s favorite, I called Omaha in the middle of round 5  

Mary- 20 Sarpy Slammers

Name-o-Rama- FNG was named Stoysich

Prayers: Ditty


  • Mark and Taylor Kaipust Memorial Run at the Sandlot tomorrow (8/31). Steel Mill will have a Ruck led by Shrute. Check Slack for details on donating to their scholarship. 
  • Iron PAX Week 0 started- another opportunity at the Pit this Saturday to participate
  • Heartland Hope toy drive in September
  • Titan Alley will have 3 Murphs on Labor Day at 5, 6, and 7; coffee and donuts after


I wanted to model this beatdown after my first non-running F3 workout.  It still sucked, but it was a lot easier compared to 7 months ago, which makes me appreciate how much my strength has increased on this F3 journey.

Coach Matt Rhule recently talked about how to raise the level of a football program by looking at the 10-80-10 rule.  Most people in the workforce (~80%) are not engaged, they do their job, but are not interested in being elite.  10% of the remaining are actively disengaged- they’re not going to be bought in or will be negative and sometimes even try to bring others down.  The last 10% are actively engaged- they are your high achievers.  While many coaches focus on the bottom of the bell curve, coach Rhule emphasized the importance of focusing on the top 10%.  When you focus on the bottom too much then the middle of the bell curve starts to shift that way. But when you talk about the top 10% that are actively engaged, then the others gravitate towards them. The top 10% are tough and smart, and want to perform under pressure, and are the elite.  Soon your middle of the bell curve starts to get closer to them. Then your 10% feels them catching up and then they want to raise it up a notch and you see your bell curve constantly moving up as a whole and no one becomes complacent.  There is a never-ending churn for wanting to be a high performer amongst other high performers. And soon your average guys become great.

When I heard this talk, I thought a lot about F3.  To me all of you are the 10 percenters. Just for being in F3 and waking up early to do hard things, you’re showing the commitment that the top 10% would show.  We start off as an FNG, then accelerate and lead a VQ, then push each other and the whole group gets better as a result. Not only is our fitness journey better, but the community as a whole is better as we reinvigorate male leadership. All of the scholarships given, toy drives, blood drives, etc. have an immense positive impact on those around us and the community is better as a result.

Action plan: Make it your goal to not only be the top 10% at F3, but also at home and work by being actively engaged in what you do each day.

Aye! Ray Ban

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