4/18/23 -Mess Hall/Swanson Elementary School – Omaha, NE – 42 degrees, light wind – Perfect!

7 PAX: Cosmo, E-85, Stella, Taser, Lansbury, Tin Cup, Oompa

QIC: Oompa


Warmup was done during the Prethang, a jaunt around the Swanson neighborhood, including a stop in the driveway of Oompa’s best college friend, also known to the PAX as the other half of my Tuba Christmas duo.

Prethang (10 mins):

Mosey around the north side of the Swanson neighborhood, stopping to stretch and do core exercises along the way (1,250m).  We encountered a group of turkeys roosting in the trees of John’s driveway.  We must have disturbed their slumber, because they kept gobbling at us from about 20 ft above our heads.  Very disconcerting!  We got the hell out of there after a bit.  T-claps to Lansbury for the WKRP in Cincinnati quote:  “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”.  Also, Cosmo:  “They just sit up there all night?  Seems horribly inefficient.”

Thang @ basketball court (20 mins):

OYO, 10 reps at a time, alternating between the two exercises in the set as fast as you can.  When leader says “Stop”, run South around the SHORT portion of the walking trail and back to starting area (250m), then start alternating on the next two exercises. 

  1. Squats/Merkins
  2. Bobby Hurleys/Dive Bombers
  3. Monkey Humpers-IC/Dry Docks
  4. Imperial Walkers/Heels to Heaven
  5. Sumo Squat/Peter Parkers
  6. Lunges/Freddie Mercuries
  7. Goofballs/Alt Shoulder Taps


Pax took turns leading us in various Mary exercises


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