3/24/23 F3Omaha The Brickyard – Stinson Park, Omaha NE – 33 degrees calm wind – PERFECT!

5 PAX: Bloodshot, Short Circuit, Stella, Cosmo, Oompa

QIC: Oompa

WoR – Stretches

  • Tappy Taps x 10 – IC
  • Tater Taps x 10 – IC
  • Big Ones x 10 – IC

Prethang @ playground (10 mins):

Pax lined up in the squishy playground area and completed the following:

Shout out to Ron Brown’s agility videos from the 1980’s!  A staple at Wayne Elementary School!

Line Drill Agilities (30 secs on/30 seconds off w/10 coupon rows)

  1. Forward/Back both Feet
  2. Side/Side both Feet
  3. Butterfly both Feet
  4. Four Corners both Feet
  5. Butterfly both Feet
  6. Side/Side both Feet
  7. Forward/Back both Feet

The Thang (until 6:05AM)

PAX counted off into 2 groups. There were 4 lights/stations positioned around the track. We stayed together as a group and worked through the stations in the following manner: 

  1. Groups completed a cumulative Dora workout at each station.
  2. Group 1 would run to the next station and back, the Group 2 would perform the exercise on the list AMRAP, then switch until they collectively completed the exercise reps.
  3. All PAX would run together ALL THE WAY AROUND THE TRACK, grab their coupon at their previous station, and run to the next station (~375m)
  4. Groups would then complete the exercises at the next station and repeat

The group finished 3 out of 4 stations.

Station 1

  • Squirrels x 130 – IC

Station 2

  • Coupon Chest Press x 130 – Single Count

Station 3

  • Coupon Swings x 130 – Single Count

Station 4

  • Thrusters x 130 – Single Count


  • 3 rounds of Rancid-style American Hammers



5th anniversary of F3 Omaha coming up on 4/22/23 at the Oracle!

Prayers for Hat Trick and his family


I encouraged the PAX to find or reclaim small parts of their lives that bring them joy, whether it’s a small hobby, or a small material possession.  These things, in moderation, can remind us of who we are and add much-needed variety to life.


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