19 June 2023

AO: The Wolf Den

21 PAX: Old Spice, Wire Tap, T-Swift Schnitzel, Steeple, Scoober, Flowers, Flannagan, Obi-wan, Thor, Speed Bump, Barbershop, Barndoor, Greenhouse, Bogey, Da Kine, Sweet Sweet, Jay Bird, Fine Print, FNG: Dugan, Q: Doppler

Showed at 445 and got a nice Pre-run in with Flowers, we found a nice 2-mile loop that only has about 6 million hills.

By 515 the parking lot had filled up and Fine Print was peacocking around the circle talking about how he brough an FNG.

I worked my way through the opening and made sure to emphasize that a Wolf Pack sticks together and that we would be making sure to keep a close eye on our 6 this morning. Then started us on a quick mosey/tour of the Elkhorn North Campus. This site is at Elkhorn North HS but just to the North of the High School is Grandview Middle School and Sagewood Elementary where both of my boys go to school.

We stopped up by the middle school track and did some SSHs, then crossed the street to a large hill and showed the FNG the classic combo of Monkey Humpers and Bernie Sanders. I am pretty sure he was impressed.

Next stop was the Elementary School playground. Did 20 dips, discussed SMURPH options and then headed back towards the High School. Made another stop for Merkins, and a pigeon stretch as we worked our way to the main turf field at Elkhorn North (the best fertilized turf in town).

Once we got to the field, we did some ladder work with PAX’s choice exercises at each 5-yard increment. We made it all the wat to the 50-yard line and started our way back down before it was time to call Omaha.

At this point we all spread out in the endzone and did 4 minutes of guided box breathing as cool down.

Finished with Rancid style American Hammers because, of course.

COT: The Wolf Den in my mind is all about building up a strong community around yourself. One great example I see of that is when I look at T-Swift and Greenhouse and their large shieldlock of HIM that have just been an incredible force in F since they joined F3. I hope we can all aspire to be part of a pack like theirs so that we can not only be part of a great community, but also build, shape, and love the community we are a part of.



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