Saturday, July 27, 2019 | The PIT AO | Halleck Park | Weather: Sunny and 72 degrees

PAX: Bloodshot, Sourdough, Jean Claude, Firewalker, Stretch, Pallid, Lemon Law, Grease Monkey, Crawl, Biggie Smalls, Gunner, Crab Cakes, Trademark, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed everyone to The Pit for the second week of beatdowns in Papillion. A brief overview of the mission was provided and disclaimer shared as the rumbling of thunder was heard in the distance. (Thunder….Thunder….Thunder).

Sixteen PAX moseyed through the park for Warm-A-Rama:

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC | Don Quixote x 15 IC | Sun Gods x 12 each way IC | Chinooks x 12 Each way IC | Cherry Pickers x 20 IC | Burpees x 5 OYO | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

YHC did a brief overview of Stealth SSH. Q counts to six in cadence and PAX must then complete the designated number of exercises without a count. If everyone does not finish together, then a burpee penalty is earned. First round, PAX were challenged with 10 SSH. We had to work out some timing issues, so we did three burpees. Second round, PAX tried 10 SSH. We improved but we still earned two burpees. The final round was 21 reps of SSH. PAX performed in perfect unison – NO PENALTY!

YHC heard more Thunder in the distance, so the PAX moseyed closer to the rumbling sounds of AC-DC.

Thunderstruck.” Routine made famous by Selleck was dusted off for a Pre-Thang. YHC put a quarter in the juke box, so Angus and the boys could punish the PAX. Everyone planked until AC-DC sang “Thunder” or “Thunderstruck.” We managed to get through the entire five minute song.

PAX moseyed to an open area of Halleck for Part Two of the Pre-Thang. It was a partner routine that included:
Partner Push | Plank & Big Boy Situps (2 sets of 20 BB Sit Ups) | Squerkins x 15 | Wheelbarrow

Pre-Thang was a shoulder and chest smoke job! Lots of mumble chatter, even by YHC.

PAX moseyed to a new area of Halleck Park for BLIMPS SQUARE. Partners worked together to complete 50 reps of these BLIMPS exercises:
Burpees | Lunges | Imperial Walkers | Monkey Humpers | Plank Jacks | SSH

As one partner was completing the BLIMPS, the other partner moved around the perimeter of a 10 yd x 10 yd square doing the following movements:

When the partner completed the square, the pair flapjacked. All the PAX completed the BLIMPS.

On the mosey back to the shovel flag, PAX stopped at the baseball field and completed 20 DIPS.

ABCs | Cindy Crawford x 10 IC each side | Gas Bumpers x 12 IC | American Hammer x 30 IC (3 sets with 10 count in between)

Children’s Square Donations. PAX have until Wednesday Jul 31 to donate items for Children’s Square. List of needed items has been posted to the F3Omaha Twitter Feed. Amazon has a prepackaged hygiene kit that is on the list of needed items. Just search Amazon for “hygiene kit.”
The Colosseum. Starting Tuesday August 27, the newest F3Omaha site will be launched at Westside HS. The Colosseum will be our newest starfish site to better accommodate our Midtown PAX. Safe Ride is the Site Q. More details about the 5:30 AM workout will be provided on F3Omaha Twitter.
The Blade. Sourdough shared a 5K benefit run that will occur next Saturday, August 3 at Chalco Hills Recreational area. Proceeds will help purchase a “blade” prosthetic leg for runners in need. Sign-up here:
The PIT and next Saturday’s Triathlon at Halleck Park. Next Saturday, Aug 3, Halleck Park will hold a Triathlon that closes the park at 8:15 AM. We will hold the PIT on Aug 3, but we will need to close down early and vacate the area by 8:15 AM.

FDIC. Continued prayers for FDIC and his mother. She suffered a stroke last week. FDIC is with his mom in Detroit.
Wario. Wario’s son underwent surgery on Thursday. His son will remain in the hospital for approximately four days. Continued prayers for Wario’s family.

YHC briefly covered the importance of the Three Fs. Today, we focused on the Fitness, which is the magnet drawing men to F3. It is important to balance the 3Fs, because the Second F is the glue that holds the PAX together. F3Omaha PAX would not have survived this past winter without the strong fellowship that was built over the extremely cold winter in Omaha. Lastly, the Third F is the dynamite. We believe in a “power bigger than ourselves.” We do not subscribe to a specific religion. It is our faith that transforms lives. Over the past several weeks, the F3OMaha PAX have demonstrated a commitment to the ThirdF. Whether collecting water for a water bottle drive, or supporting Children’s Square, PAX are stepping up. If you have a cause that you believe in, be a leader and bring it to the PAX.

YHC closed with a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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