QiC: Mufasa & Griswold

PAX:  Brad Pitt, Picaso, High Hat, Kickstand, Fine Print, Cousin Eddie, Urkle, Peg Leg, Pain Killer, Bambi, Hoser, G-String, Hard Hat ( Birthday Boy ), 12 guage, Friar Puck, Griswold, Mufasa.

Intro:  Mufasa with mission statement, 5 core principles, Credo, Disclaimer and 50 burpees.  No FNG’s, couple first timers to the WK.

WoR:  Griswold had the PAX mosey to the boat dock for a dynamic warmup.  We did the following:  High knees, Butt kickers, super marios, knee tucks, quad stretch.

Pre-Thang:  Mufasa had the PAX head east towards a nice hill where we did the following.  Hill sprint to top, 1 squat.  Run down, 5 Merkins.  Repeat, 2 Squats at top, 6 merkins at the bottom and so on for a little bit.  Until the great Mufasa who always has a trick up his sleeve busted out on our last round, 25 squats on the top of the hill and 50 merkins after we ran back down. 

Thang: Griswold had the PAX mosey back to the grassy area by the shovel flags for a tabata workout.  It consisted of 12 rounds, 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest.  The exercises were: Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, T-Merkins, Werkins, Feet together squats, Jump Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers, X-Factors, V-ups, Big Boys, Plank.

We finished with some American hammers and moon butt chugs for the vibes.

P&A:  Apex with Gator and Mufasa is going, Fine Print at Catalyst, 5 year week long celebrations, Prayers for Swiper, Delilah and the Fochek Family, All the kids and parents on spring break.

CoT: Griswold: Mufasa was one of those guys for me when I first started F3 that I couldn’t tell if he was just upset all the time that he made the decision to get up early and work out on his own volition everyday or if he was just a sarcastic prankster.  He has always been quick with snarky yet hilarious comments and I’ve learned over the past two and a half years in F3 that he’s one of the most unique and misunderstood leaders we have amongst a group of High Impact Men.  He has played one prank directly on me and sold me so good I have ptsd from it and when the Duke led this years St Patty’s beatdown it wasn’t intentionally a prank on me but he got me again with Virgina Slim.  As much as people like to give him shit, you have to admit, any beatdown you’re at with him is usually memorable.  And to finish things up, he’s the only Eagles fan I can stand to be around.  As a giants fan you’d know how hard that is to say out loud.  Always looked forward to Co-Q’ing with him, thanks for the opportunity Mufasa, checking one off the bucket list today for me!

CoT: Mufasa: Spoke about the importance of reaching out to PAX.  You never know what someone is going though.  Reach out and say something funny or nice or just a simple hello.  It goes a long way.

Friar Puck led us out in Prayer

Aye! – Mufasa & Griswold

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