As I sit down to write this backblast, I realise the last time I’ve led the men of Omaha was at the passing of the flag at Trident almost six months ago.

In the words of Staind, “It’s been a while.”

Preparing for, and execution of, the workout felt like my VQ and now I know why.

Me and Remy headed over to Russell Middle School the night before to scope things out.

We made it to the football field and while Remy was riding his Trike around I whispered, “Talk to me Goose.”

I had been at Plague’s & Yodel’s beatdowns at Iditarod in the last few months but I seemed to be searching for something and needed to put my feet on the ground and connect with the spirit of Iditarod.

Similar to Maverick in Top Gun, who shied away from battle after his best friend Goose died, I felt in a similar place stepping back in to lead a few men of Omaha the next morning.


I only slept a few hours overnight as the incomplete structure of the workout continued to ruminate. I was still feeling out what message wanted to come through for the COT as well. Sometimes a workout & COT come together easily, and sometimes it just doesn’t. This time it was the latter.

After a few hours of sleep I decided to procrastinate no longer and just get out of bed to shore the whole thing up.

I arrived a little after 5a to do a quick recon, put down some lights and cones, and run up S Street just South of the flags to gauge how steep it actually was and how many rounds we’d complete for the pre-thang.

Cars shuffled in. I was delighted to see so many faces I hadn’t seen in a while. At 530, 14 of us were present and so we began.

Welcome to F3. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith.

I took us through F3’s mission, which is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration (and reinvigoration) of male community leadership.

We have 5 Core Principles: It’s free. It’s open to all men. It’s always outside. It’s led in a rotating fashion. And, it always ends in a COT (Circle of Trust) with a message for the group to take back home with them.

I introduced myself as Slick and let it be known that I am not a professional and that it’s important to modify as necessary.

There were no FNGs but I stopped before we took off to check if I had forgotten anything. Again, it’s been awhile.

We were good so we moseyed South to a patch of grass at the coroner of 172nd and S St for the warmarama.


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 slow Big-One’s IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • Broga
    • DownDog-Bicycle
    • Warriors 1,2,3 (maybe more)
    • Side stretches to both sides within all the Warriors


I laid out the plan for the pre-thang so the group knew what to expect. I like some foresight occasionally so the group can plan their energy appropriately.

We completed 20 Bonnie Blair’s IC & 20 Carolina Dry-Docks IC and then promptly ran up S Street to the top where we’d pick up the 6 until all reached the light pole. We planked and 10-counted twice before completing 5 Burpees and heading back down the hill to do it all again.

Before completing a second round I wanted to focus our attention a bit further. Depending on the day we all show up with our tanks at different levels of full. Some are empty, some are half-full, some are full and/or running over.

Wherever you’re at, I want you to focus with what you have in your tank. Focus on form specifically for the next round and then the rest of the workout.

We completed another round of Bonnie Blair’s & DryDocks and headed back up the hill. I was impressed by the non-existence of a “6” that needed to be picked up so far.

We moseyed back down after some 10 counts and another round of 5 burpees, where we’d reconvene at the South Endzone of the football field. Mumblechatter was abundant.

The Thang

We counted off in two’s so we could split into groups for the remainder of the workout.

Group 1 would complete 1 exercise per round in AMRAP fashion:

  • Box Cutters
  • Sumo Squats
  • Big Boyz
  • Alternating Lunges
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Bonnie Blair’s
  • Rinse & Repeat of needed

Group 2 would run to the 50 yard line to complete a 4-set of merkins and then run back to push Group 1. Shoutout to Roadhouse who had some variation of this at the Maize many moons ago and destroyed all of our chests.

  • 10 merkins
  • 10 werkins
  • 10 diamond merkins
  • 10 chuck norris merkins

We completed all six rounds and modified the merkin sets to 5 each about half way through. Our chests were successfully destroyed.

I called OMAHA! at 608 and we moseyed back to the shovel flags.

We finished with a round of American Hammers IC, Rancid-Style. 14. We didn’t lose anyone.

Name-O-Rama was completed.

A few announcements and prayer requests were shared

  • Coronado Q coming up
  • Flag Pass to Sweet Sweet at WIld Kingdom
  • October 19th Foreskin event (and some golf)
  • Thanksgiving convergence at the Maize
  • Prayers for Freddy, Chppendale’s friends son who is undergoing Cancer treatments
  • Various events in 2024 and beyond to be aware of


I felt called to share with the group my journey towards finding Purpose over the last 10 years.

Our unique ecology, our environment or habitat, we grew up in is an indicator of how we uniquely express ourselves in the world. We spend so much time in life trying to fit in, be like someone else or change ourselves so that we can feel safe. We make ourselves small. We shrink and betray our authenticity.

Each of us has a deep, unique story of what makes us who we are. Where we were born, the type of parents we have, if we have siblings, where we fall on the spectrum of social and economic class, what kind of hardships or trauma we’ve experienced, things we’ve been exposed to. These develop into our patterns and coping mechanisms that are prisms we see the world through. The goal is to understand the truth of these and bring them back home.

There will never be another you that exists for the rest of time, across the entire universe.

I believe we came into this lifetime knowing full well what we were signing up for indivudally. Our souls chose to come in to learn these unique lessons that only we can see and experience exactly what we’ve experienced.

Our purpose is directly correlated in connecting with this ecology as fully as we possibly can. Embracing all of our story so we can express from that place of totality.

We are challenged to shift away from a victim mentality and take responsibility for this unique ecology we were born into, because there is treasure buried in that wisdom. The more we can embrace and let go of the sufferings of our life, the more whole we can become.

This journey of embracing our past is a necessary step in becoming whole again. Because the journey really begins as we allow this to happen with a more regular cadence with each passing year.

To embrace what’s happened recently, to let go of what is no longer needed, and to  step into what’s continually evolving in front of us takes courage. To let ourselves be reborn over and over and over again with our present ecology.

Slick prayed us out.

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