PAX (12): Doll Face, Pigpen, Predator, Woody, Space Bar, Cyclone, Vanilla Ice, Wentworth, Samples, FNG Lifetouch, Joe Buck, Polaroid

QIC: Polaroid

YHC greeted the PAX upon arrival at 5:30 AM. Mission Statement and disclaimer shared as well as principles. Welcomed our FNG (Samples 2.0!) and gathered in a circle for Warm’O’Rama.

WARM’O’RAMA – SSH, Wheat Pickers, MTN Climbers, Merkins, Cherry Pickers

THANG – Short mosey to the parking garage for the beatdown. Starting with 15 reps all of the exercises noted below were completed in sequence.  In between sets you would lock the weight out overhead, not to touch the ground until the round was completed. After the round we mosey’d up a level where you left your second weight.  On the second level we completed 14 reps of each, than returned to the first floor and completed 13 reps. We continued in this sequence until Omaha was called at 6:07 getting down to 9 reps.

Truck Drivers Aleknas – Reverse Bridge, Arms overhead and back

Overhead Squat

Reverse Lunge with Twist

Halo around Head

Squat Reach


Left Chop

Right Chop

Coffin Sit Up (Reach!)



COT – It’s Okay to be humble, it’s not okay to turn that into negative self-talk. Sometimes it’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments!  Polaroid asked Doll Face to close us in prayer.

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