5-9-19 Futurama (Memorial Park)

PAX: (17) Safe Ride, Selleck, Caesar (H), Ponzi, No Doze, Cyclone AKA Hammy (R), Tender Foot, Caboose (H), Vandalay, Bubbles (H), Brazilian, Twin Peaks, Zack Packett (FNG), Trade Mark, TC AKA The Cure (R) and last but certainly not least Tater Tot AKA Achilles.

Bruise Crew – Hammy , The Cure and Achilles

 Q:  Khakis


It was a chilly/windy Thursday morning with the temperature hovering in the low 40’s.  Khakis welcomed the PAX to F3 -Fitness Fellowship and Faith.  This also included the F3 Mission Statement, Disclaimer and Core Principles.  He then got right to it with a mosey around the Monuments, Old Glory and down the stairs for warm-o-rama.


Side Straddle Hop 20 IC

Windmills 20 IC

Cherrie Pickers 20 IC

String Rippers 20 IC

Sun gods 10 each direction IC

The Thang

The PAX separated into 2 groups.

Round 1

Group #1 ran up the stairs stopping at every level for the obligatory burpee, then around Old Glory and back down the stairs making sure to stop at each level for a burpee.  The PAX was to Al Gore until the Six was in, but a few over-achievers (No Doze and Ponzi) ran back up the stairs to help bring The Six with them.

Meanwhile Group #2 – 20 Derkins on Down and Copperhead Squats 20 (IC) Al Gore until #1’s Six was in.  Then they jumped up and made the run up the stairs round the monuments and back down, not forgetting to do burpees at each level (Khakis – was promptly reprimanded when he forgot to do his burpee at one of the levels) I believe he made up for it with 2 at the next level.  There was some mumble chatter about “If you can’t Q it don’t do it” – it only fueled his fire.  Group #2 did 20 Derkins and 20 Copperhead Squats – many planking until the return of Group 1.   

Round 2 – Run

25 Dips on Down

25 Step-Ups IC

Round 3 – Run

25 Merkins on Down

25 Smurf Jacks IC with a little Red Bull mixed in compliments of No Doze

Round 4 – Run

25 Mountain Climbers IC

20 Air Squats with an audible by Khakis to 35

Round 5 – Run

25 LBCs IC

20 Bobby Hurley but it kept going into OT until 35 was the winner

And the final audible was called “Omaha”

(6MoM) 6 Minutes of Mary

Khakis wasted no time and got them on their six for the following:

25 Freddie Mercuries IC

25 Flutter Kicks IC

25 LBCs IC

25 American Hammers IC

(COT) Circle of Trust

The PAX counted off to 17 and then Khakis went through the

Nam-O-Rama with no hitches accept he almost forgot Tater Tot…how you can forget Tater Tot we will never know.  He quickly corrected his mistake and Tater Tot AKA Achilles was accounted for. 

Announcements include the upcoming CSAUP on May 19th (6.5 miles with 3 stops for boot camp style workouts) Starts at Memorial Park at 6 am and ends at Paradise Bakery – see Twitter for more details.  Major prayers went out to and for Honey Stinger and Honey Badger as their mother and their family is embarking on a battle against serious illness. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. We love you guys!

Khakis then concluded the COT with a short devotion on the value of TODAY – not yesterday or tomorrow.  While it is important to know where we have been to help us where we are going what we can control is where we are at TODAY.  Amen

Finally, there was the controversial naming of FNG Zack Packett.  While Zack gave us several topics to choose from and a multitude of names were thrown out there – Khakis settled on Smile Aisle for his job with Hy-Vee….and that was that, so we thought.  A late entry of Frown Town was thrown out there in typical F3 fashion for the opposite connotation.  The debate continued at coffeteria even including a vote with Khakis making the final decision in the backblast – we would all like to give a big F3 Welcome to Smile Aisle. 



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